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    November 1, 2017

    Current world Most Expensive player, Neymar Jnr. celebrated halloween dressed as joker. A wealthy talented joker.

    He took to his IG page to share the photos.


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    September 6, 2017

    A Nigerian man identified as Ifeanyi Calistus has revealed how he shared his survival story to a man who tried to scam him and how the scammer reacted after hearing it. Read his story below;


    On the midnight of 29th August, I received a strange but curious message. The message read "You are sleeping while your life and business is on redline. Very soon, we shall know if it's the police or Army will save you". His name appeared on truecaller as scorpion2. I didn't know this person.

    But the man continued to call me. He said i was joking with fire because i had refused to contact him after reading his message. He threatened that soon I will be kidnapped and neither the police nor Army could save me. I asked him to explain the meaning of all that rubbish. I wanted him to tell me exactly what he wanted me to do but he refused to talk.

    I told the man that he was threatening and harassing a dead man. He asked me... ' who is a dead man?' I told him I was a dead man but through the grace of God, I overcame. He became sober and more interested on why I said so. I told him that even though I had stopped sharing the experience. I don't usually feel good going through that horrible memory lane but because he tried to scare me, I will tell him the story to prove to him that nothing scares me again.

    On the midnight of 15th of may 2014 about one year after my wedding, armed robbers invaded my residence and opened fire on me and my wife. Bullets poured everywhere like rain drops. They were four in number, all armed with AK47/automatic riffle. I was shot at the hip within a close range. My wife was shot at the leg through a closed door.


    We were taken to Emmanuel clinic and they couldn't handle our case and from there we were transfered to Rehoboth Orthopaedic Hospital here in Portharcourt. God did wonders through the hand of the professor in charge of the hospital.

    I never knew life to be such a fragile reality. Men should be humble and seek the face of God always because we live only by the grace of God and there is nothing in this side of existence.

    On the 17th of may 2014, i came face to face with death. Same day, my wife had a terrible miscarriage. I had insisted to be taken to the toilet to ease myself. I couldn't imagine myself doing it on the hospital bed inside the stainless plate the nurses provided. People were begging me to just relax and accept the reality of what happened to me. The whole scene appeared to me like a dream.

    Two persons guided me, one by my right and the other by my left. Gradually, they walked me through the toilet door. Suddenly, i had an upsurge in my system. My face turned pale. my legs became weak. I complained that i do not know what was happening to me. They assisted me as i sat on the bathtub. Immediately i had a total blackout. I transited from this world of reality to the other side of existence. I could neither see nor hear the people around me. I found myself roaming in a garden full of shrubs and flowers. I was wondering what i was doing there all alone. while i was there, i started hearing shrill voices from a distant place.


    Gradually the voices kept drawing nearer and finally, they became real. I was hearing things like....''call the Doctor'', ''pour water on his head'', ''lets carry him back to the bed'' etc. I was also hearing prayers like ''God you never disappointed me'', ''God manifest yourself in this place'' etc. I also felt serious beating on my chest. Infact it was this beating that helped brought me back to consciousness.

    When i opened my eyes, i was surprised to see that people were running helter- skelter.The Doctor was already on hand with his stetoscope hung round his neck. My brother was already in a serious praying mood while he held me very close to himself. Finally,they took me back to my bed where the Doctor examined me thoroughly and placed me on life support where I was breathing through the aid of oxygen bottle. Few hours later, I was revived.
    I was thinking about what happened and suddenly a negative imagination flashed through my mind. I thought to myself that had i died,the best epitaph befitting my Obituary announcement would have read.................. GONE SO SOON

    The man was terribly shaken by my story. I told him that I still move around today with bullet buried inside my hip because the doctor couldn't remove it. When I had my first surgery, a metal plate was inserted into my system to link the femur damaged by bullets to the sucket. After one year, I had another excruciating surgery to remove the metal plate.


    It was truly a long walk to full recovery. It took us three years to be back on our feet. Lot of money were spent. We passed through horrible pains, material wealth and other resources were expended. To God be the glory. We survived. Recently, my wife gave birth to a bouncing baby girl. Today our joy is complete.

    The man who was threatening me a while ago, was so sorry for every inconvenience and thanked God for saving my life and that of my wife. I told him that we are having Thanksgiving service and Child dedication next Sunday, 10th of September 2017 in Portharcourt. I invited him but he declined and continued to apologize for harassing me. We are friends now. I sent him some of the pictures we took in the hospital and shells of the bullets picked after the attack.

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    August 27, 2017

    - Private Schools In Rwanda Close Down As Public Schools Become More Attractive
    - Meanwhile This Is The Opposite In Nigeria
    - Where The Government Actually Works For The People

    Private schools in Rwanda are on the verge of closing down due to low patronage. A report by Daily Nation says desperate proprietors who face closure of their institutions are now asking the government to sponsor students in private schools at public rates.

    But the government has rejected the idea.

    The “problem” started with the government’s twelve-year basic education policy which made public schools affordable and preferable.

    According to the report, the Ministry of Education invested hugely in expanding capacity and teaching infrastructure at public schools across the country; introduced the school feeding programme and abolished school fees.

    More than 30 private schools are said to have closed indefinitely this year, while others are struggling to stay afloat after losing students to public schools.

    School owners told Rwanda Today that even those that had managed to stay open were struggling to meet their operational costs.

    “We’ve suffered a sharp decline in the number of students enroled, yet the school has accumulated debt, unpaid salaries and owes arrears to suppliers. It is not clear if the school will re-open,” said Samuel Batamba, the head teacher at College Nkunduburezi in Gakenke District.

    Mr Batamba said the school used to have 900 students but now has only 80 students after it failed to attract new students while others enrolled in public schools.

    According to statistics from the Ministry of Education, the government owns 460 out of the more than 1,575 schools in the country.

    The rest are run by religious bodies with the Catholic church owning 620 schools, the Anglican church 279, Adventist church 22 and Muslim schools are at 16. Another 178 schools are run by parents’ associations and individuals.

    The most affected institutions are private boarding schools.

    Figures show that students in private schools decreased from 101,510 in 2012 to 79,076 last year while enrolment in public and government-aided schools almost doubled in the same period.

    According to John Gasana, the Vice chairman of the Private Schools Association, competing with public schools requires huge capital investment to improve infrastructure, equipment and hiring skilled teachers, something many private schools cannot afford.
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    August 27, 2017

    - A Guy Was Spotted Riding This Home Made Customized Tricycle In Maiduguri (Photos)

    This young man was spotted riding his home made customized tricycle on the streets of Maiduguri, Borno state capital.

    Reports has it that the guy designed the tricycle from a bicycle as he added an engine and also a generator set to it. Thats very impressive.

    I should order one to help his ministry and posterity sake.


    The young man was spotted in a jolly mood as he rode the tricycle with satisfaction.

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    August 27, 2017

    - Floyd Mayweather Wins The Fight As He Knocks Out Conor Mcgregor In The 10th Round


    And its a wrap. Floyd Mayweather overcame Conor McGregor with 10th-round stoppage at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

    McGregor came hard on Mayweather early on in the first round, taking the fight to the American.


    But Mayweather switched it up and took control from the fourth round as he tired McGregor out.

    Money Man unleashed a barrage which left McGregor helpless on the ropes - and the referee stopped tie.

  • Mordi
    August 9, 2017
    August 9, 2017 – Video: Peace Samuel Omana The Ugwu Seller, Nigerian Girl With Pretty Eyeballs Gets 1st Photoshoot

    Meet Peace Samuel Omana, the daughter of a vegetable seller whose story went viral last week after she was discovered by a photographer at Mile 12 market in Lagos.

    Peace has done her first photo shoot at Revelia Photography studio in Lagos.

    See more pictures below



  • Ojo Watson
    August 7, 2017
    Us Secretary of state Mr Rex Tillerson

    The United States will respond by September 1 to Russia's attempt to force a major reduction in American diplomatic staff, Rex Tillerson has said.
    The US secretary of state spoke after talks with Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov.
    They met on the sidelines of a regional gathering in the Philippines capital, the first time the top American and Russian diplomats had sat down together since President Donald Trump reluctantly signed into law a package of new sanctions targeting Moscow.

    President Vladimir Putin responded by saying the US will have to cut its embassy and consulate staff in Russia by 755.

    After the meeting, Mr Tillerson said he told Mr Lavrov the US still has not decided how it will respond, and that he asked him "several clarifying questions" about the act of Russian retaliation over the American sanctions.

    There has been confusion because the US is believed to have far fewer than 755 American employees in Russia. Russia also closed a US recreational retreat on the outskirts of Moscow.
    Earlier this month, Mr Trump grudgingly signed what he called a "seriously flawed" package of sanctions against Russia.

    The legislation is aimed at penalising Moscow for interference in last year's presidential election and for its military aggression in Ukraine and Syria, where the Kremlin has backed President Bashar Assad.
    Mr Lavrov said he explained to Mr Tillerson how Russia will carry out its response, but he did not give any details.

    He told reporters that despite strained relations with Washington, his country was ready for more engagement with the US on North Korea, Syria, Ukraine and other pressing matters.
    His upbeat assessment came amid what the US has called a diplomatic low point unseen since the end of the Cold War.

    "We felt that our American counterparts need to keep the dialogue open,"Mr Lavrov said. "There's no alternative to that."
    The Russian said that Mr Trump's special representative for Ukraine negotiations will soon make his first trip to Moscow.

    He said Mr Tillerson made the commitment during their meeting, and American Kurt Volker will travel to Russia to discuss the conflict in eastern Ukraine.
    Mr Volker will meet Vladislav Surkov, the Russian envoy for the Ukraine crisis.
    The Trump administration named Mr Volker to the position in July, and he made his first trip to eastern Ukraine last month.

    Mr Lavrov also said Mr Tillerson agreed to continue a dialogue between US undersecretary of state Thomas Shannon and Russian deputy foreign minister Sergey Ryabkov.
    That channel was created to address hot spots, but Russia suspended it after the US tightened sanctions on Moscow.
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    August 4, 2017

    Nearly every entrepreneur in the world is familiar with The Oprah Effect which essentially describes the power of Oprah’s endorsement particularly when it comes to consumer goods and services. Imagine what a simple mention of your brand by Oprah would do for your business? But it’s not just Oprah. In today’s connected world essentially any influencer with a large committed following or tribe has the power to transform an entrepreneur into an idol overnight. Sure, we’ve all heard the saying “Your network is your net worth” but as an aspiring entrepreneur just starting out your business, how do you go from being a nobody to rubbing shoulders with the greats?

    I turn to Selena Soo, a business and publicity strategist, for some expert advice on how to network the right way. Soo has helped her clients land multiple six-figure book deals, and get featured in big name articles and magazines such as O, The Oprah Magazine. Soo actually grew up in Hong Kong so she's very familiar with the ecosystem here. Her main focus is helping entrepreneurs develop strategic relationships that will take their business to the next level.

    Be clear on who you want to connect with

    The first thing you need to do is take a step back and think about about exactly who you want to network with and how they will directly enhance your business. Networking for the sake of networking is a waste of time. I can’t tell you the number of meaningless meetings that I took in my early years because I had the mentally that I just needed to be out there. All that got me was a stack of useless business cards and a whole lot of wasted time. Rather than do that, take a more intentional approach with who you target.

    “I always encourage people to put together an influencer list of the people they want to connect with, but on their influencer list it's not only the most famous out of reach people that may take years to develop a relationship with. It's also people in your immediate circle, also people that are super connectors. Maybe they're not household name famous, but behind the scenes these are the people who are making it happen, “ says Soo

    And while I’m an advocate of shooting for the stars myself, trying to go right in and connect with Tim Ferriss or Oprah Winfrey will take time, if it ever happens at all. Be realistic with who you connect with as well. There might be people within your closest circle of friends that can help you if you just formed a deeper relationship with them. Just remember to always keep in mind your end goal and use that filter to help you manage your time.

    Give and you might receive

    The second step is to add value. We’ve talked about how entrepreneurship is about serving others first. But let’s face it, all the important people that you want to connect with already know enough people. They don’t need another friend to be very honest. So what can you possibly offer them that they don’t already have? One of the surefire ways to perk up the ears of an influencer you are trying to connect with is good old fashioned flattery. Human beings love it. Whether it is praising them on social media or writing an epic article about them that you pitch to a major publication, all influencers no matter how big or small appreciate the affirmation. If you don’t have a social media following, a high traffic blog or any connections at media outlets, Soo has a very simple, yet powerful way for you to add value and that’s by expressing appreciation.

    Gain their trust by playing the long game

    The last thing you need to remember about building relationships is that you need to be in it for the long haul. You can’t stalk Tim Ferriss for two weeks, shoot off of a couple of random tweets and expect him to promote your book to his network. Relationships take a long time to build (years) and they also require work. Just because you’ve connected with someone at a conference, that doesn’t mean that three years later you can ask them for a favor out of the blue. The key is building a deep connection with someone and gain their trust. When influencers connect with fans or followers they want to mitigate downside risk at all costs. Is this person professional? Will I get burned down the line by associating myself with this person? Since you are lower on the “influence ladder” you need to earn their trust.

    “When you think about it, everything that you want in life and in business comes through other people,” concludes Soo.

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    August 2, 2017

    Melanin Lit! Nollywood Hottest Twins And Actresses, The Aneke twins,Chidinma and Chidiebere Aneke just released new photos and they look absolutely gorgeous.

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    July 29, 2017

    Yesterday Friday 28/7/2017, the Kebbi government's facebook page share photos of rice cultivated during dry season sold at Yauri market.


    Yauri is the third biggest rice market in Kebbi state after Argungu (second) and Bunza (first). These three towns sets Friday as weekly market days for rice trading.


    Because Kebbi farmers cultivate rice throughout the year, every week all year round thousands of rice traders from different parts of Nigeria and bordering francophone countries storm Kebbi markets for different varieties of rice.


    The picture above was one man's harvest. Kebbi have over 300,000 rice farmers
    Most farmers sell rice at the farm.





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    July 29, 2017

    Femi Fani-Kayode, the former Minister of Aviation, while reacting to the alleged ultimatum the Arewa Youths gave Federal Government over the leader of Indegenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, said the Arewa youths are stocking with fire that may end up consuming Nigeria.

    The Arewa Youths group had earlier issued a quick notice to the igbos living in the North to Vacate the region before Oct 1st.

    Femi Fani-Kayode made this known on Saturday, on Facebook, over the alleged 10 days ultimatum the Northern Youths group issued to Federal Government to arrest Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indegenous People of Biafra.

    “The Arewa Youths that demanded that the Igbo must leave the north by Oct 1st and that have now given the Fed. Govt. an ultimatum to arrest Nnandi Kanu in the next 10 days are stoking a fire that may end up consumming Nigeria,” Femi Fani-Kayode wrotes on Facebook.

    The former minister added that the said Arewa Youths group must be gagged, put in chains, and spanked hard.

    “They must be gagged, put in chains and spanked hard!,” he added.
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    July 29, 2017

    Nigerian Afropop singer and song writer yemi alade and vivacious coach on music talent show, The Voice Nigeria, has added a new title to her many accolades for the music video to her smash music hit, “Johnny“.


    Currently at 72 Million views, Alade’s Johnny music video has been certified as the most watched video uploaded by an African woman. The video which was directed by industry’s highly rated cinematographer, Clarence Peters, has garnered score tons of views and hit surpassed the 70 million mark.


    Prior to this celebratory feat achieved, Ms Alade attained a global recognition when her costume for this same music video was on display at the Grammy museum in Los Angeles, California, last year.
  • Admin
    July 29, 2017

    A lady with a multicoloured eye balls colour was seen at Mile 12 market. The young girl named Peace, sells ugu vegetable with her mum at Mile 12 market. Some say she has a medical condition and she needs a doctor. What do you think? Is this a health problem? And if so what is her health condition called?

    Spectrum of colours, though very uncommon but it does occur.


    Between the eyes are enchantingly beautiful. Plus she a beautiful young girl. She should cover the billboards for everything beautiful and awe inspiring. Mother nature is the greatest artist.

  • Admin
    July 25, 2017
    When you smile, the world smiles with you so says Louis Armstrong in one of his songs.

    Photos of this Nigerian man smiling in front of his house in Makoko which was flooded during the heavy downpour in Lagos last weekend, have gone viral.


    Many are hailing him for still finding something to smile about despite his situation, which was so bad that the rain water got up to his chest. Wetin man go do, really?


    He was later pictured picking his shoes and personal belongings from the flood while still smiling.

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    July 25, 2017
    Here Are Our 10 Lucky Winners for Monday (24-July-17) 50k Weekly Airtime Giveaway.

    Our 10 lucky winners for yesterday's airtime giveaway have been credited with N1000 airtime. It was firece. We went through a painstaking process of choosing these lucky 10 Observers.

    The Winners Are

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    To everybody that didnt win yesterday, you're already a winner for taking your precious time to participate. Better luck next time.

    Most people did not follow the Steps/Guidlines/Rules. We were lenient yesterday. We will strictly follow the rule from today.

    Kindly do so next time so we can all be winners.
    The Steps/Rules are as follows;
    How To Participate.

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    July 13, 2017

    It was a galaxy of stars affair from three arms of the Nigerian entertainment industry formally endorsed new gaming brand, Western Lotto, as it entered the market on Monday, July 10.
    The stars come from Nollywood, music and comedy.


    Stars present at the unveiling of the brand include Olu Jacobs, Jide Kosoko, Zack Orji, Aki and Pawpaw, and Ramsey Noauh. Also present were Paul Obazele, Alex Usifo and Dele Odule. Musicians included Tuface Idibia and Olamide while there were also comedian Ayo Makun, popularly as AY.


    Present also at the launch were Senators Ben Murray-Bruce, Magnus Abe and Fatima Raji Rasaki. Honourable Segun Oni and Abdulmojeed Adekoya came from the House of Representatives.

    Olu Jacob, famous for his portrayal of traditional rulers in the main films, commended Western Lotto for the initiative in bringing many international gaming brands to Nigeria “at a time when some people think we should not be dealt with” as a country. He recalled his 20-years stay in the UK and playing the lottery and urged people to play actively.


    Tuface Idibia was explicit. He stated: “Tell a friend to tell a friend. Let’s have fun. And let the lucky people be lucky. Let us play the games.”

    Olamide affirmed that he is “happy to be part of this initiative”, adding, “ We are here to give everybody a run for their money in the industry. Western Lotto will touch lives across the country”.

    Ramsey Noauh remarked that “It’s a wonderful brand that we have here. I thank the people behind this initiative for making it happen.”


    Jide Kosoko told guests at the launch that “Western Lotto dey create an opportunity for me and you to make money.”

    Western Lotto Managing Director Elvis Krivokuca said the brand offers hope and is committed to altering the landscape of gaming and recreation in Nigeria.


    He stated, “We seek at Western Lotto to create opportunities ultimately in employment, wealth and empowerment for people in Nigeria and across Africa. Patrons will derive fun from the games, while there would be job creation on our extended value-chain of distributors, agents, business centres, portals, and suppliers.”.


    Western Lotto entered the market with five international gaming brands. They are They are Powerball, Euro Millions, Euro Jackpot, UK Lotto and Mega Millions. Powerball is an American lottery game played every Wednesday and Saturday. Euro Millions is a transnational lottery played across Europe. The Euro Jackpot similarly plays across Europe. UK Lotto is also known as the UK National Lottery. It has served good causes in the UK. Draws for MegaMillions hold on Tuesdays and Fridays.


    Krivocuca added, “Our unique offerings also come with the ease of play. Just pick your six (6) numbers correctly, and you are on your way to winning. Once you match three (3) numbers, you start winning. We also pride ourselves in the privacy, dynamism and accessibility that our platform offers. You can play via USSD, mobile apps, online, shops and terminals.”


    Western Lotto is an entertainment and gaming brand with platforms that provide a bouquet of international games for players in Nigeria. The National Lottery Regulatory Commission licensed the company to operate terrestrial and online platforms for gaming activities including lotteries, lotto, instant draw, indoor games, betting and online scratch card games.
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    July 12, 2017

    This vintage auto beauty, a 1959 Ferrari 250 GT is to be auctioned at the Gooding and Company auction house, at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, California. Being one out of four of its kind, its minimum price tag for the auction is N2.2 billion ($6 million).


    Bro Ferrari fall on you.

  • Admin
    July 12, 2017

    A female Inspector of Police was caught on camera recently harassing a bus driver after he allegedly refused to give her a bribe of 50 Naira.


    According to a Facebook user Sodiq Omotayo who shared the video, the incident occurred at College Bus Stop in Ikotun, Lagos state.


    The shocking footage shows the woman firmly holding the man's clothes as people tried to separate them.

  • Admin
    June 21, 2017

    Nigeria is a multi-ethnic nation with diverse ethnicities. Many foreigners, and even Nigerians belonging to majority ethnic groups, have little to no knowledge of the various minority ethnic groups that proliferate the nation. What comes to mind when they think of Nigeria is that there are only the Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa ethnicities. This view is sustained because the Nigerian constitution recognises only those three ethnic groups as the major ethnic groups in Nigeria. Every other ethnic group is treated as a minority ethnic group.

    The concept of a minority ethnic group is quite faulty in the Nigerian context. Some ethnicities that are deemed to be minorities have well over 2 million people (a minority ethnic group in the real sense should have a population of 1 million or less). However, within the Nigerian context, if you are not Igbo, Yoruba or Hausa, you are a minority. The big three (WaZoBia) have always been at the centre of Nigerian politics and history. Only a few enlightened persons know much about Nigeria's other 250+ ethnic groups. Even those who know them have various misconceptions about the ethnicities. The situation is so bad that many Yorubas, Hausas, Igbos and even those from minority groups, assume that the minorities in the South are all Igboid or Igbo sub-groups, while those in the North are all Hausas or Hausa sub-groups.

    This thread will attempt to state some facts about Nigeria's minority groups as a means of educating Nigerians and non-Nigerians alike. My focus will be on the minority groups in the South-South geo-political region and parts of the middle-belt region of Nigeria (both regions were created exclusively for minorities). There are also many minorities in Nigeria's North but they deserve another thread entirely.

    1. The Urhobo ethnic group occupy Delta Central/South senatorial districts and is the most dominant ethnic group in Delta State. They share the same culture and worldview with the Isoko of Delta State (both are regarded as one group by many persons).

    2. Ijaw is regarded by many as the 4th largest ethnic group in Nigeria with Urhobo coming as 5th (contested claims). Efik-Ibibio also claims to the be the 4th largest ethnic group in Nigeria. The Tiv are also regarded by some as the 4th largest ethnic group in Nigeria. No proper and current census has been done to validate the many population claims.

    3. Itsekiri is a Yoruboid ethnic group whose ancestors were migrant fishermen of Ijebu, Ikale and Ilaje sub-groups of the Yorubas. However, their monarchy is of Bini descent and this created a hybrid culture with elements from Yoruba, Bini and their neighbours, Urhobo and Ijaw.

    4. The first person to get a university degree in Nigeria was an Itsekiri king. His name was Dom Domingos (Atuwatse I). He graduated from Coimbra University, Portugal, in 1611. He also married a Portuguese woman. The Itsekiris are among the first group to make contact with the western world and due to their hospitality and warmness, that early contact favoured them quite well.

    5. There are more than 20 ethnic groups in Cross River Central and North that are not related to Efik. Many of these ethnic groups speak languages that are regarded as Bantoid (from Bantu). Some of them are Ejagham (Ekoid), Boki, Bekwarra, Bette-Bendi, Ikom, Leggbo, etc.

    6. The ethnic groups in Cross River South and Akwa Ibom form a cluster known as the Akwa-Cross cluster. All of the languages in the cluster are related and mutually intelligible to speakers. However, they are all regarded as separate ethnicities. Efik is spoken in Cross River South (Calabar and environs), Ibibio is the largest ethnicity in this cluster and it is spoken in Akwa Ibom (Uyo and environs), Anaang is spoken in Ikot Ekpene and environs, Oron (Oro) is spoken in Oron town and environs, while Ekid (Eket) is spoken in Eket, Esit Eket and environs.

    7. The Andoni ethnic group of Rivers and Akwa Ibom is related to both the Ijaw and the Ibeno (Ibibioid) ethnic groups. Andoni people occupy the coastal areas of Rivers (Andoni LGA) and Akwa Ibom States (Eastern Obolo LGA).

    8. The Isoko ethnicity of Delta State used to be regarded as Eastern Urhobo until 1958 when James Otobo moved a motion for a separate Isoko province. This marked the beginning of a separate Isoko political identity. Isokos share the same culture and worldviews with Urhobos but they speak a different dialect that many Urhobos cannot understand.

    9. The Ogoni ethnic group of Rivers State occupy 4 LGAs (Tai, Eleme, Khana and Gokana). They all speak different dialects of Ogoni language. Eleme in particular claims to be a different ethnicity from the Ogoni.

    10. The Idoma people of Benue State trace their history to the Kwararafa confederation of the Junkun, in modern day Taraba State. They have historical and cultural ties with the Igala.

    11. The Baruba people of Kwara State are split into Nigeria and Benin Republic. They are a very reserved people and have strong Islamic values.

    12. The Gbagyi people are the most populated ethnicity indigenous to Abuja, Nigeria's Federal Capital. They also occupy Kaduna, Kogi, Nasarrawa and Niger States. They are called Gwari by the Hausa-Fulani people. Nigeria's former military ruler, Gen. Babangida is a Gbagyi man.

    13. The Nupe people occupy Kwara and Niger States. They are predominantly Muslims and have an emirate known as Bida Emirate. Nupe people are reserved, agrarian and peaceful.

    14. Islam was introduced to the Etsako people (Auchi and environs) of Edo State by the Nupe people.

    15. Epie-Atissa (Yenagoa) people, Engenni (Rivers), Degema (Rivers), Urhobo-Isoko (Delta), Esan, Bini, Etsako, Afenmai, and others in Edo State are all Edoid groups. Their ancestry can be traced to Benin and they speak loosely related and mutually unintelligible languages. They are all regarded as different ethnicities, with the exception of Epie-Atissa which has joined the Ijaw confederation.

    16. The Anioma people of Delta State (Delta North- Asaba and environs) speak related Igboid languages. Anioma is an acronym for Aniocha, Ndokwa, Ika, and Oshimili (subgroups comprising what is regarded as Delta Igbo). However, these groups are constitutionally acknowledged as different ethnicities and they speak different dialects, apart from the Enuani (Aniocha and Oshimili) who speak a dialect of Igbo very close to Onitsha dialect.

    17. Ikwerre, Ekpeye and Ogba (Akalaka brothers) speak loosely related Igboid languages. They trace their history to Benin like the Edoid groups. Ikwerre is the dominant ethnic group in Rivers State.

    18. There is no language known as "Ijaw" language. Ijaw is an ethnic marker for the confederation of ethnicities that chose to identify as Ijaw. The main language many of the core Ijaw people speak is called Izon, with Kolukoma-Opukuma regarded as the standard written dialect. Other languages spoken by the Ijaws include Nembe, Ogbia (a Cross River Language), Epie-Atissa (Edoid language), Kalabari, Okrika, Nkoroo, Defaka, etc. Nigeria's former president, Goodluck Jonathan, speaks Ogbia, while his wife, Patience Jonathan, speaks Okrika.

    19. The standard variety of Urhobo is Agbarho dialect while that of Isoko is Uzere dialect. Other dialects in the Urhobo-Isoko cluster include Uvwie, Okpe, and Erhowa.

    20. Itsekiri has no dialects. The language is the same in all Itsekiri locales. It is one of the few languages in Nigeria with this feature.

    21. The Tiv (Benue), Junkun (Taraba), and Kuteb (Taraba) people were once together in a federation known as the Wukari Federation. The fall of this Federation marked the outwards migration of the constituent groups, especially the Tiv.

    22. The Ebira people of Kogi State trace their history to the Kwararafa Federation, the Junkun successor to the Wukari Federation. They are predominantly Muslims. They occupy Okene and its environs.

    23. The Igala people of Kogi State have historical and cultural ties with the Igbo people but they speak a Yoruboid language. A few scholars claim that the Igalas migrated from Umueri. Other scholars claim that Igalas are a hybrid of Idoma and Yoruba.

    24. There are over twenty ethnic groups in Plateau State. Many of them have shared beliefs, religion and world view. Among them are the Berom (Jos and environs), Tarok, Afizere, Kofyar, Jarawa, among others. They speak loosely related languages and many use Hausa for inter-ethnic communication. Christianity is the dominant religion among the minorities in Plateau State.

    25. There are over twenty ethnic groups in Kaduna State. Many of them have a largely Christian heritage and are dominant in Southern Kaduna. Among them are Gbagyi, Gwong, Atuku, Bajju, Atyab, Gure and Ninkyop. Many of the Southern Kaduna people can speak and understand Hausa.

    26. The Olukumi people of Delta State are Yoruboid and they are surrounded on all sides by the Delta Igbos (Aniochas). Most of them are coordinate speakers of Igbo and Olukumi (a Yoruboid language). They are the micro-minorities of Delta State and their language is faced with extinction.

    27. There is no ethnic group known as "Edo". Edo is a word that describes a variety of ethnic groups with a common origin although many use it to refer to the Bini people. Edo is actually the name of a slave which an Oba appropriated to his empire after the slave saved his life. The ethnic groups that are described as Edoid have only little in common. Their languages are not mutually intelligible and their cultural beliefs are quite distinct. The ethnic group occupying Benin City is the Bini people.

    28. The Ikas and Ukwuanis of Delta State trace their origin to modern day Edo. According to their myths, their ancestors were migrants from Benin. However, they speak Igboid languages, not Edoid languages.

    29. Some minority languages are taught at the primary, secondary and university levels in Nigeria. The languages that are taught at the university level include: Urhobo (Delta State University, Abraka), Izon (Niger Delta University, Amassoma and University of Port Harcourt, Choba), Ikwerre (University of Port Harcourt, Choba), Bini (University of Benin), and Efik-Ibibio (University of Calabar and University of Uyo). Many others are taught at the College of Education level.

    30. All of Nigeria's commercial crude deposits are within the territories of minority ethnic groups in the South-South region of Nigeria. The highest producers of the nation's crude include the Ijaw, Itsekiri, Urhobo-Isoko, Eket, Oron, Ikwerre, Ekpeye, Ogba and Ukwuani. Small quantities of crude oil can also found in Ondo (Yoruba), Abia (Ukwa East & West -Igbo) and Imo (Egbema & Oguta). Lagos State (Yoruba) has recently joined the league of oil producing states in Nigeria and oil has been discovered in the Lake Chad Basin (Kanuri) of North Eastern Nigeria.

    Bonus: Apart from crude oil, Nigeria's minorities are blessed with intellectuals (Urhobo, for instance, is said to have one of the highest concentration of Professors, Medical Doctors and Lawyers in Nigeria), mineral resources (Urhobo also has the highest gas deposits in Nigeria, gold is present in Plateau State), rich culture (the Ijaws and Itsekiris have various boat regattas and amazing festivals), historical monarchies (the Bini monarchy, the Itsekiri monarchy, the Calabar (Efik) monarchy, the Igala monarchy, the Nupe monarchy, the Jos monarchy, etc), tourist attractions (Calabar Carnival, Port Harcourt Book Festival, Ox-Bow Lake in Bayelsa, Oba of Benin's Palace, Confluence of Rivers Niger and Benue at Lokoja, etc) and many other natural and human resources.

    These are only some of the interesting facts about Nigeria's various minority ethnic groups. Do you know of other interesting facts? Kindly comment and keep the thread moving. You may also comment if you spot any error(s) or misconception(s).
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    June 20, 2017
    Agency seeks temporary forfeiture of $3m, N500m

    Posted By: Yusuf Alli

    A mortgage firm has returned to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) the N500 million said to be part of the Paris Club refund kept with it by a governor.

    The EFCC is probing the London-Paris Club refund following allegations that some governors are misapplying the cash.

    The Federal Government agreed to the refund to enable the governors pay workers’ salaries and pensions.

    Besides, the EFCC has gone to a Federal High Court in Abuja to seek the forfeiture of $3million said to be held for another governor by three persons and two companies.

    The agency has placed a no debit order on the three accounts traced to the five suspects, including a member of the House of Representatives, who has gone underground to avoid arrest.

    Investigation by our correspondent revealed that officials of the mortgage firm also made a statement confirming that the governor owns the N500million.

    A top source, who spoke in confidence with our correspondent, said: “When EFCC detectives traced the governor’s loot of N500million from the London-Paris Club refund to the account of the mortgage company, the firm wasted no time in disclosing the source.

    “The mortgage firm has surrendered the cash to us; we have it in our custody. And on Monday (yesterday), we filed an application before the court for an interim forfeiture of the N500million in order to legalise its custody.

    “The purported owner of the cash has a two-week deadline to come forward to claim it or have it forfeited permanently to the Federal Government.”

    Responding to a question, the source said all those connected with the cash, including some consultancy firms had been named in court.

    The identities of the governor, the companies involved and his proxies, the source added, would be unveiled when the matter comes up in court.

    The governor, he said, has long standing mortgage collaboration with the firm where the N500million was wired.

    On the $3million linked to another governor, the EFCC provided the list of those involved including the names of the two companies, three persons, and the three accounts used.

    Two of the three persons are siblings, including a member of the House of Representatives whose whereabouts was unknown at press time last night.

    The lawmaker was, in the EFCC profile, described as a former commissioner.

    Another source added: “Again, we have asked the court to grant our prayer for the Interim Forfeiture of the $3million. We also attached the list of three banks, three accounts, two companies and three other suspects.

    “As I am talking to you, the EFCC has placed a No Debit Order on the three accounts associated with the $3million which was diverted from the London-Paris Club to build a 100-room hotel for another serving governor. One of the accounts is in a bank noted for domiciliary account business. The two others have been named in some suspicious transactions during the immediate past administration.”

    Detectives, the source said, suspected that the $3million was part-payment for the construction of the hotel.

    On the extent of investigation of the cash, he said: “One of those questioned over the $3million has actually refunded $500,000.

    “The EFCC team really did a wonderful job in tracking the cash. In fact, a notable project firm, which has had partnership with the governor in the past, was implicated in the $3million deal.

    “We have sought for the seizure of the $3million and the N500million in line with Sections 28 and 34 of the EFCC (Establishment Act) 2004 and Section 13(1) of the Federal High Court Act, 2004.

    The Presidency has so far released about N1. 266.44trillion to the 36 states in the past one year including N713.70billion special intervention funds to states.

    Following protest by states against over deductions for external debt service between 1995 and 2002, President Muhammadu Buhari approved the release of N516.38billion (first tranche) to the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) as refunds pending reconciliation of records.

    Each state was entitled to a cap of N14.5 billion being 25% of the amounts claimed.

    Minister of Finance, Mrs. Kemi Adeosun said the payment of the claims would enable states to offset outstanding salaries and pension which had been “causing considerable hardship.”

    The governors sought for the loan refunds to states and local governments at a meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari on May 24, last year.

    But the alleged deduction of about N19billion and $86million, meant for payment of consultants and legal advisers, by some governors is under investigation by EFCC.

    Following controversy over the refunds in some states, the Federal Ministry of Finance, through its Director of Information, Salisu Dambatta, had penultimate Friday released the details of the N516.38billion to Nigerians.

    The top earners are Rivers, N34.92b; Delta, N27.6b; Akwa Ibom, N25.98b; Bayelsa, N24.89b; Kano, N21.7b; Lagos, N16.74b; Katsina, N16.4b; Kaduna, N15.44b; Borno, N14.68b; Jigawa, N14.2b; Imo, N14.01b; Niger, N14.42b; Bauchi, N13.75b; Sokoto, N12.88b and Osun, N12.62b.

    Others are Cross River N12.15b; Anambra, N12.24b; Edo, N12.18b; Kebbi, N11.95b; Kogi, N11.05b; Abia, N11.43b; Ogun, N11.47b; Plateau, N11.28b; Yobe, N10.82b; Zamfara, N10.88b; Ebonyi, N9.01b; Ekiti, N9.54b; Enugu, N10.7b; Gombe, N8.95b; Nasarawa, N9.1b; Oyo, N13.31b; Kwara, N10.24b; Adamawa, N10.25b; Benue, N13.7b; , Ondo, N14.01b; Taraba, N9.32b; and FCT, N1.36b.
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    June 19, 2017


    I watched the Minister Information and Culture Lai (aka Lie) Mohammed’s ‘Politics Today’ interview with Seun Okinbaloye of Channels Television a few days ago and I felt sorry for Nigeria.

    I couldn’t help wondering why Channels Television keeps offering its respected platform to this shameless old fool to beam, broadcast and perpetuate unadulterated falsehood to the Nigerian people and to tell specious lies. The whole thing is simply incredulous.

    During the course of that interview, he told one big lie after the other with such ease and without batting an eyelid. I really do wonder how this man sleeps at night. I guess such things come naturally to him.

    I look at his face and all I see is an unconscionable and relentless poo projector and sewage propeller.

    He reminds me of one of those filth-ridden open gutters in India’s City of Mumbai: all manner of unprintable and disgusting things flow in and through it for all to smell and see.

    Everything about him, including how he looks, what he says, what he wears and how he talks stinks to high heavens.

    Like Donald Trump once said about a notorious Mexican drug lord, “this dude is a bad hombre!”

    He is the kind of person that would pass a lie detector test with flying colours over and over again simply because lying is his nature. He is possessed by what the Bible graphically and aptly describes as a “lying spirit”.

    The first salvo of lies that he told us during the course of the interview was that Sheik El Zak Zaky, the leader of the Shiite Muslim community in Nigeria, was being kept in a guest house with his family and that he was not in government custody.

    He went on to contradict himself by saying that the Federal Government was keeping him in custody only because they were building him a brand new house that he would move into later and that the difficulty that they had was that no-one wanted to be his neighbour!

    Finally, he said that the courts had said that the Sheik must not be released until that brand new house had been built for him.

    Needless to say, all three assertions are false. They are nothing but dirty and desperate lies, cooked up to justify the government's disgraceful and indefensible behaviour towards El Zak Zaky, his family and the Shiite Muslims of Nigeria.

    The truth is that firstly El Zak Zaky and his family are NOT being kept in a private guest house and both he and his wife most certainly are in government custody.

    They have both been badly wounded, they are in the custody of the DSS and, for just under the last two years, they have been held at the DSS Headquarters in Abuja.

    Their lawyers and doctors have little access to them but once in a while, they are shipped to a secret government safe house for a short impromptu meeting with a handful of family members.

    Secondly, the Federal Government is NOT building a house for El Zak Zaky and even if they were this should not be a reason to keep him in indefinite and illegal custody and detention.

    Thirdly the courts gave El Zak Zaky and his wife an order for unconditional release from the custody of the security agencies and his release order was not conditional on the government first building him a new house as Lie has suggested.

    The truth is that the man and his wife have both been kept in illegal detention for almost two years, against their will and in total violation of all court orders.

    Worst still throughout that period they have not been brought physically or produced by the intelligence agencies before any court of law.

    El Zak Zaky was shot and blinded in one eye by the military whilst his wife was shot four times in the stomach at the time that his home was attacked and they were both abducted.

    Over one thousand of his Shiite Muslim supporters were murdered that day and their homes were shelled, bombed and burnt to the ground. Since then both the man and his wife have been locked up in dingy underground cells and have been subjected to the most inhuman and barbarous form of psychological and mental torture.

    These are facts that Lie refused to acknowledge in his interview and that the government that he serves seek to hide from both the Nigerian public and the international community.

    Lie also lied about Col. Sambo Dasuki the former National Security Advisor to President Goodluck Jonathan. He said that Dasuki was being detained indefinitely because he would pose a threat to the Federal Government and to national security if he was released.

    He went further to say that Dasuki had stolen 1.3 billion USD and that the government would not release him until that money was returned despite court orders to the contrary.

    He did not tell us where the 1.3 billion USD was stolen from, he did not tell us whether it was stolen in cash, by cheque, by bank draft or by transfer and he did not tell us how he stole it. All he did was pick a figure from the sky and drop it.

    He also said that as far as the government was concerned national security considerations were more important than court orders and that even though the courts had ordered Dasuki’s release on several occasions the government would continue to ignore such orders because they believe that he poses a threat to national security.

    The fact that it is unlawful to disregard court orders in Nigeria had no bearing on Lie. The fact that there is no law and no constitutional basis or justification to keep Dasuki in detention against court orders is immaterial to him and to the government that he serves.

    The fact that the allegation that he stole 1.3 billion USD is not only utterly absurd but also has no basis in truth or reality is neither here nor there to this wicked man and to those he represents.

    The fact that Dasuki poses no threat whatsoever to anyone, least of all the Federal Government, matters less to this strange, conflicted and inexplicable creature that calls himself the Minister of Information and Culture.

    The fact that locking up a man illegally and indefinitely, depriving him of his constitutional rights and freedom, denying his lawyers and doctors full access to him, traumatising his family and friends, putting his stunningly beautiful and deeply courageous wife Bintu through hell, refusing to allow him to attend his aged father’s burial and denying him the right to be in a position to prepare a proper legal defence for himself against his detractors and accusers in court means absolutely nothing to this pernicious liar.

    No matter how low the government goes and no matter how barbaric, illegal and heartless their actions are in terms of the violation of civil liberties and human rights, Lie has proved over and over again that he is prepared to go on Channels television or anywhere else to defend them.

    I am convinced that if Buhari ordered for the gassing to death or burning alive of every single opposition figure and their family members together with all his other perceived enemies, Lie would gladly attempt to justify and defend it and Channels television would be only too happy to accommodate him and grant him the platform to do so.

    Worse still he is prepared to defend the consistently aberrant, cruel, wicked, deviant and ungodly behaviour of the government that he serves with nothing less than the most bombastic and obvious lies, wholesale mendacities, false accusations, malicious fabrications and notorious and skewered half truths.

    He has no conscience, no feeling, no empathy for his victims, no compassion, no mercy and no milk of human kindness.

    One wonders if a man that is prepared to treat others so unjustly and defend it publicly can ever make it to heaven? One wonders whether they believe in God and if so whether they have any fear of Him.

    It is clear to me that somewhere in the equation madness has crept into Lie’s confused and irreverent psyche. He deserves to be pitied and, more importantly, he needs a lot of help and prayer. The sleazy job that he has been doing for the last two years has taken its toll and has got the better of him.

    27 years ago when I first met Lie he used to be an absolute gentleman. Always wearing a smart suit and a crisp bow tie and always making concise and meaningful contributions to our many intense, contentious and oftentimes acrimonious discussions and public debates at the old September Club in Lagos, he was quite a sight to see.

    He was a delight in those days. He was a man of his word, he always spoke the truth and it was a pleasure to be his friend. Sadly all that has changed.

    In those days he was the affable and dependable “Lai” but today he is the truculent and cantankerous “Lie”.

    In those days he was a man of unimpeachable honour and character who valued his integrity and reputation above all else but today he is a mere shadow and caricature of his former self.

    He cuts a tragic figure that, over the years, found himself in bad company and that has degenerated very badly in terms of his virtues, his moral authority and his ability to stand for truth.

    Simply put, he has sold his soul to the devil and he can now be rightly and accurately described as one of those that the Bible refers to as a “son of perdition”.

    A Minister of Information and Culture that everyone hates, that no-one trusts, that no-one believes and that looks like a cross between an ageing chimpanzee and washed-up and weathered old scarecrow.

    At least Shehu Garbage and Femi Adesina are a little bit more presentable and they try to be a little more refined, subtle and polished with their distortions of truth. Not so with Lie.

    He is just a plain old-fashioned, crude, vulgar Goebellian propagandist and a pernicious liar. Like his father Satan, there is no truth in him. He was a liar from the start and the father of lies.

    The truth is that he should have been the spokesman for the Italian or Russian Mafia, the Turkish or Greek underworld, the Japanese Yakuza, the Chinese Kuomintang or one of the numerous Colombian and Mexican drug cartels and not the Minister of Information of Nigeria.

    That is the sort of thing he was born to do. I say this because deep down Lie is nothing but a cheap hood and a gangster.

    He is a ghetto and gangster Minister who speaks for and represents a ghetto and gangster Government.
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    June 19, 2017

    Nigerian hackers and cyber criminals are being accused of masterminding a grand theft of information and money running into billions of dollars, worldwide. According to experts, the Nigerians are able to carry out the heist by sending phishing emails to commercial organizations and industrial enterprises, which they later steal dry.

    The FBI estimates that these phishing attacks have cost companies over $3 billion. The number of affected companies exceeds 22,143. Kaspersky Labs, an internet security company said it has found over 500 companies that are under attack in at least 50 countries. Those under attack are mostly industrial enterprises and large transportation and logistics corporations, based in Germany, UAE, Russia and India.

    In a blog post, Kaspersky said the cyber-criminals managed to steal technical drawings, floor plans and diagrams showing the structure of electrical and information networks. Researchers said that all indications are that these were business email compromise (BEC) attacks that have come to be associated with Nigerian cyber-criminals. Emails received by victims looked authentic enough to fool people.

    Some had attachments with names such as “Energy & Industrial Solutions W.L.L_pdf”, “Woodeck Specifications best Prices Quote.uue” and “Saudi Aramco Quotation Request for October 2016”. These are well crafted emails that look legitimate and are crafted to make the victim open the malicious attachment. The emails ask the recipients to check information as soon as possible, clarify product pricing or receive goods specified in the delivery note attached. The malicious attachments contain RTF files with an exploit for the CVE-2015-1641 vulnerability. They may also contain archives of different formats containing malicious executable files or macros and OLE objects designed to download malicious executable files.

    Kaspersky discovered that the malicious files are intended to steal confidential data and install stealthy remote administration tools on infected systems. Using Whois services, Kaspersky found that the domains used to host the malware were registered to residents of Nigeria. Once in, the hackers compromise a legitimate email and change the banking account details. The malware used in these attacks belonged to families that are popular among cyber-criminals, such as ZeuS, Pony/FareIT, LokiBot, Luminosity RAT, NetWire RAT, HawkEye, ISR Stealer and iSpy keylogger. ”The phishers selected a toolset that included the functionality they needed, choosing from malware available on cyber-criminal forums.

    At the same time, the malware was packed using VB and .NET packers – a distinct feature of this campaign. To evade detection by security tools, the malicious files were regularly repacked using new modifications of the same packers,” said the researchers. At least eight different Trojan-Spy and Backdoor families were used in the attacks.

    Further research found that the domain names of some of the malware command-and-control servers used by the attackers mimicked domain names used by industrial companies – “more proof that the attacks were primarily targeting industrial companies,” said researchers. They added that most domains used for malware C&C servers were registered to residents of Nigeria. Researchers warned that it would be very dangerous if, because of an infection, cyber-criminals were able to gain access to computers that are part of an industrial control system (ICS).

    “In such cases, they can gain remote access to the ICS and unauthorised control over industrial processes,” said researchers. Owen Connolly, vice president services (EMEA) at IOActive, told SC Media UK that this attack is not actually targeting industrial control systems or operational technology. “It’s just targeting users that work for large companies. The fact that those companies may also have OT systems could just be coincidence, not correlation,” he said. Mark James, security specialist at ESET, told SC Media UK that scammers are opportunistic.

    They understand they need to adapt and will change their tactics to get the best result. “With the 419 scams being so synonymous with the public, the scope for business users being victims is massive. We also need to consider the scope for larger, single successful attacks reaping the benefits much quicker than the smaller, and often much harder, sells through the public,” he said.

    Javvad Malik, security advocate at AlienVault, told SC that organisations dealing with industrial control systems may not be as savvy to scams as financial services, so it could be that the success rate of targeted emails is higher. “Allowing criminals to make quick money. On the other hand, it could allow criminals to implant malware on industrial control systems, or at least on systems that support the ICS. This can then be allowed for further nefarious purposes such as deploying ransomware – or selling on the access to other criminals or ever nation states,” he said.

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    June 19, 2017
    Olusola Fabiyi, Abuja

    The Department of State Services has warned groups including northern youths and the Niger Delta militants against hate speeches.

    The DSS, which stated this in a statement signed by its spokesperson, Mr. Tony Opuiyo, in Abuja on Sunday, said it had observed how some Nigerians had been preaching hate in the last few weeks.

    The DSS spokesperson described the trend as disturbing and warned those he called desperate and mischievous elements, to stop in their attempt to steer the ship of Nigeria to calamity and irretrievable destruction.

    He also warned all those it said were charting the course of disunity among Nigerians to desist from their divisive actions.

    Recently, a coalition of some Arewa youth groups had in a press statement called for the relocation of the Igbo from the North.

    More than 10 days after the Governor of Kaduna State, Mallam Nasir el-Rufai, ordered their arrest, none of the security agencies had made attempt at apprehending them.

    But Opuiyo regretted that the action of the Arewa youths had been followed by a release from an unknown source styled, the Niger Delta Watchdogs, threatening all northerners to quit the Niger-Delta region as well.

    He said that another group went to the extent of harvesting from the Internet, a horrific accident scene, for the purpose of making it look like a site of massacre of Igbo by northern youths.

    He, however, said that the “service has been able to establish that the purported murder scene being depicted as a field of massacre was a high casualty accident scene which occurred along the Owo-Akure Road, Ondo State, on March 3, 2016.

    “Those involved in these misleading and despicable acts have since been warned to desist from anything capable of causing disaffection and stoking nationwide tensions.”

    Consequently, he said that the service, in line with its statutory mandate of ensuring the internal security of the country, would stop at nothing to deploy all resources at its disposal to identify and deal with all those culpable, as well as maintain peace and order in the country.

    “To this effect, all those who are charting the course of disunity among Nigerians must desist from their divisive actions,” he warned.

    He added, “The service is also not oblivious of the efforts of some miscreants to ignite fear and cause ethnic tensions across the country.

    “It strongly condemns in its entirety the call for relocation of anyone to places against their wishes. Such relocation order is not only illegal, but it is strongly viewed to be against the spirit of our constitution which allows for freedom of movement and association among others.”

    Opuiyo said that the DSS also frowned on the tendency which he said some ethnic chauvinists easily and cheaply resort to in order to achieve their devilish aims.

    For example, he said some of them resort to hate speeches, misinformation and total manipulation of information especially on the social media to fan the embers of discord and subvert the efforts of government in implementing its policies for the good of everyone.

    He called on well-meaning and law-abiding citizens and residents to disregard persuasions by those he described as ethnic jingoists to make the country a theatre of the absurd and bloodletting.

    Rather, he said it was time for Nigerians to show their humanity and patriotism which he said had been their defining strength as one united indivisible nation.

    He added that the service had “already commenced investigation to get the perpetrators of these hate campaigners as well as their sponsors.

    “At the appropriate time all those involved in these condemnable acts will be unmasked and decisively dealt with in line with the laws of the land.”

    He added that the service “would not leave any stone unturned to ensure that those who are bent on causing a breakdown of law and order are not spared.”

    The DSS spokesperson called on anyone with useful information on how to get those behind the hate speeches to volunteer same to the “service or the nearest security agency/formation for prompt action.”

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    June 19, 2017

    Following reports that Evans father, Mr. Stephen Onwuamadike was living in poverty in the village while his Billionaire kidnapper son was living an extravagant lifestyle, Evans has revealed that he took good care of him by buying him two vehicles and also gave him th sum of N3 million, which he said his father used to start fish farming and his pig rearing business

    Evan who led police operatives to two houses in Ejigbo and Igando areas of Lagos state where he kept some of his victims for months, made the disclosure during a chat with Vanguard.

    'My father cannot say that I didn’t take care of him and my other siblings. I took good care of my father even when he didn’t take care of me. My father lived a very wayward life as a person.

    ’He stopped paying my school fees which made drop out of school. He went on to marry a second wife. As if that wasn’t enough, my father took a third wife and he married her as a 70-year-old man.

    ‘’I was not happy with my father, that was why I don’t go close to him but I made sure I provided all his needs. I bought him a car and a bus. They are in our compound and I also gave him N3 million which he used for his pig and fish farming business.

    According to him, he used to help his family members a lot including children of his father’s other wives, stating that his father lived a wayward life that made him divorce his mother.

    He continued‘’I know I have done terrible things but I want to be forgiven. I also want to advise other criminals to turn a new leaf. The Nigeria Police is not what it used to be. They are far more advanced than they were. If they could arrest me, there is no criminal they can’t arrest, “he stated.


    He also revealed that the Igando hideout, located at Green Street, was where he kept five persons including Chief James Uduji and Francis Umeh at the Igando den. He stated that he vacated the den when people started suspecting his activities in the area.

    He further disclosed that he rented the apartment in 2014 stating that he kept Francis Umeh for five months in that apartment before he moved to the other house in Ejigbo.

    The kidnap kingpin also took detectives to a bungalow at Orisunmbare by hospital junction in Jakande Estate, Lagos where he had another hideout.


    Evans equally revealed that he contacted Colon Cancer while he was trafficking drugs. He said he used to swallow wraps of cocaine and one of it got burst in his stomach. He revealed that he is a good family man and normally leads his family in prayer because he knew he was a bad person who had done so many terrible things and he wanted God to forgive him through his children’s prayers.

    The 36-year-old from Nnewi, Anambra State was arrested last weekend in Lagos. He's responsible for coordinating several high-profile kidnappings and armed robberies within several states in the country.
  • Admin
    June 17, 2017
    Evans promised to attend my thanksgiving service- Chief James Uduji, victim tells his story

    The day of the kidnap

    On September, 2015, as I was coming back from my factory in Agbara to my home in Festac, arriving Seventh Avenue, I saw four gun men. They stopped in front of my vehicle and started shooting while I was with my two drivers in my Hilux pickup.

    I was sitting at the back, thinking they were policemen. I was wondering why they were shooting and charging at us not knowing that they were kidnappers. In the process, they shot us, me and two of my drivers but luckily, nobody died. I still have a bullet in my body. By the time I realized they were kidnappers, they dragged me out of my vehicle to their own Lexus 470 Jeep. Inside their Jeep, there were lots of arms and ammunition inside a box. They had another box at the back where they put me in.

    Four guys were inside that Jeep, well-armed, even the driver had his own AK-47 riffle. They drove past Festac Link Bridge to Amowu-Odofin, around 4:30pm as if they were going to Okota. Later, they came out to Oshodi -Apapa Expressway. By this time, they had not blindfolded me but they pushed my head down, lying bare on the floor of the car. One of them just held me as I was seriously bleeding. I never knew I would survive this. I couldn’t remember the places they took me to because I was lying down.

    Change of baton

    After a long journey, they stopped at a particular area, those guys jumped down and another group came on board and zoomed off again. As we were going, we got to one house, they called the security guard who came and opened the gate, and they brought me out, gathered water, changed their cloths and called one doctor, whether he was quack or not, I do not know. They told the doctor they had emergency. The doctor came, washed me and treated my wound. That was the first thing they did.

    Though, when we were about to get to where they wanted to take me to, they blind folded me. They were administering two injections on me daily. When I asked them the kind of injection they were giving me, they said it was anti tetanus injection and pain reliever. They refused to give me water saying that if you have bullet in your body, you don’t drink water. The second day, Evans came there with the doctor and said to me that, he came there because of me. Yet, I did not set my eyes on him. Maybe, the person that asked them to kidnap me told them that they should not let me die. I said this because of the kind of treatment they were giving me or maybe, it could be because of my wound. But, I was seriously bleeding. At a point, they were thinking of exchanging me. They called my brother to come and let me go out and treat myself of the bullet wound. My elder brother accepted to come but backed out at the end because those people, you never know what they planned. May be their plan was to capture the two of us before they would kill us.

    It was an ugly situation. They injected me for seven good days. From that Monday till the next Sunday, every two days, there was a particular guy that came there to treat my wounds, dress it and put the bandage again. After some days, Evans called.

    How they operate

    How they operate is that, they keep a hostage keeper, which is someone that would be guiding kidnap victims so that any time their boss wants to call, he would call that person. When he calls the person, the person would bring the phone to the victim and hold the phone for you talk to him. They were always communicating. They did not maltreat me because of my condition but I heard them maltreating the victim in the other room with hot iron and the person would be crying. Before they start that, they would go and put on their generator so that their neighbours would not be hearing. That guy was a terror.

    Feeding pattern

    They were feeding me with one useless Indomie. I was just managing to eat to keep my life moving. They asked what kind of drugs I was taking but I told them I was not on drugs. I did not make trouble with them but there was a day I tried to escape. I was scared whether all the neighbours were their gang members or not. Again, even if I would have escaped, I would have been Unclad because before you go to the bathroom, they take away your boxers. When you finished, you knocked at the door and turned your face to the wall as they gave you your boxer to wear.

    They would blind fold you and put you in chains again. Early morning I used to hear siren and I thought, that it was police that were coming to rescue me. At the end nothing would happen. They would go. What were they coming to do there around 4:00 am to 5:00 am? I noticed that five times and I asked myself, “what the police are coming there to do?”. I also noticed there was a construction site nearby where people were working. One particular day, one boy came in and asked “mummy, who is this uncle?”. I was listening and waited to hear what the woman would say but she did not say anything. So, that couple that was paraded were there. I was praying every minute of the day, waiting for anything that would happen the next day. It was traumatising . So many things happened. I knew that, nothing would happen to me but they would charge me more money. You know, I paid $1.2 million. We paid it in three instalments. We paid two hundred thousand dollars, eight hundred thousand dollars and another two hundred thousand dollars. He claimed that, the first two hundred dollars we paid had been cancelled because we set them up by inviting security agents to be tracking them. That’s how we were accused and that the payment had been rubbished. He bargains with the victims, he doesn’t bargain with the families. Whatever he asked for that is what the family would pay. A person that is under chain, what would he say? Anything they asked you to do, you just had to do it because of your life. That was not joke, they meant business. If you refused to corporate, they would kill you. I am sure; they have killed some people there. I stayed there for six weeks. I was abducted on the 7th of September and I was released on the 19th of October, 2015.

    What led to my release?

    After I had finished paying the ransom, they still kept me for another eight days. My people were worried, and I was worried too because I did not know what was going on outside. They had cut off communication with everybody. Immediately, he collected his ransom, he travelled abroad. He goes outside to keep his ill-gotten wealth, which was obvious. I now asked the hostage keeper, how long it takes them to release a hostage. He said four days, I now asked again, but why am I still here? He then said I should not worry, that the chairman travelled and that I would be released as soon as he returned. He said that I should see myself as a free man and relax. The man was a greedy man. Of all the money we paid him, he didn’t feed us well. His duty, I observed, was to collect money and drop victims. When he came back to Nigeria, he came to me where I was detained by his men and said to me that, today, you will go. He ordered his boys to bring all my belongings. My Rolex watch, my bag, my golden ring and my sandals were nowhere to be found. Not to talk of cash because all of them were criminals. All other valuables were gone. They only brought my cloths, bank cheque books and seals and a polythene bag. And for my sandals, they bought one bathroom sleepers for me. Just imagine Vanguardngrsomeone coming back from his office. Then, he asked me to hold on till the road was free; it was about 5:00 pm.

    How Evans promised to attend my thanksgiving in church

    As I was waiting, he came back and called me, Nnwa which is my title name. Any time he wanted to talk to me he first called me Nnwa. When he saw my wound, he said, I was a lucky man. That, my God is a great God. He said that, I would live up to hundred years for surviving that gunshot. I asked him why they were shooting us like that. He said in war all was fair. I then asked “you and who were fighting?. Did I have gun with me?”. Evans now asked who was the person in front of my car. That was when they thought I was a policeman. In fact they would have killed my driver if he were a policeman. When he came down and they asked him, he told them he was just an ordinary driver. That was when they left him. He advised me to buy a lot of drinks because many people would be coming to sympathize with me. He stressed that people were already waiting for my arrival. He said: “Any day you are going to do thanksgiving, we are going to be there.” I now asked him, how would I know you will be there? He replied that, I shouldn’t worry; he would come and follow me to thank God. “Nnwa, but your God is great oh”.

    All these things he was talking, my mind was not there because I knew he was wicked. That evening, he brought ten thousand naira that I should take it. That if, they drop me anywhere, I should use it to enter taxi to my house. Or if I wanted, they could drop me in a nearby hotel so that, I could call my people to come and carry me. But I told him to just drop my anywhere he wanted. When it became dark everywhere, they took me out of that house and moved me round the city before finally dropping me around Lagos State University (LASU, side in Iyana Oba. Even to walk was a problem because, I had been in chains for long and all my bones had grown weak. I almost fell down while trying to cross the road because of my wobbling legs. I lost so much energy that, I became weak, lean and tired.

    Suya was the first thing I ate after my release from captivity

    I called a motorcyclist to take me to any nearby bus stop, which he did. When I turned the other side, I saw one man selling roasted meat (Suya), I went to him and bought the meat for one thousand naira and started eating. My action was to soften the ground for me to start asking question that would let me know exactly where I was as by this time I never knew where I was exactly. I asked the man, how I could get to Mile 2, and he said before you get to Mile 2, you first of all get to LASU. I asked again, how I could I get to LASU, he told me to cross the road to the other side and enter any bus that was going that way. As soon as I entered the bus, I switched on my phones and there was no single credit on my phones except the one we used as a company group. That one doesn’t need credit because we pay once in a month. I now used it to call one of my managers. Immediately he saw my call, he knew I was out and asked me where I was so that he could come and carry me. I told him to come to LASU, I got there and was waiting for him. He was coming from Agbara axis. While there, I strolled down a bit to buy orange, one man just came to me that I should give him money in spite of my tattered appearance. I took two thousand out of the ten thousand Evans gave to me and gave to him. I was kind of hiding so that people who knew me before would not notice me until I got home. When my manger came, he took me straight to the house after that, I went to report officially to the police. Even the commissioner of police came to my house after that. After that incident, I requested for police protection which I was later provided with. I was so happy when I heard that, the guy has been arrested. I thank the Nigeria police for doing a great job. That shows that, if the police want to work, they could work.

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    June 13, 2017

    The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) said that the FCT and Lagos State reported a total of 58,566 crime cases in 2016.

    The NBS stated this in a report published on its website on Tuesday.

    According to the bureau, the FCT and Lagos State reported highest crime cases while Katsina State and Abia had the lowest percentage share of total cases reported in 2016.

    The bureau said that the FCT reported 13,181 crime cases while Lagos State reported 45, 385 crime cases.

    The cases were in categories as offence against persons, offence against property, offence against lawful authority and offence against local Acts.

    A breakdown of crime cases showed that FCT reported 2,984 cases of offence against persons, 9,350 cases against property, 843 cases lawful authority and only four cases against local Acts.

    The report said offence against persons are those offences against human beings such as murder, manslaughter, infanticide, concealment of birth, rape and other physical abuse, etc.

    Offences against properties were those offences against human belonging: Properties of any kind like stealing, receiving stolen properties, obtaining property by false pretence, robbery, burglary and house breaking.

    Offences against lawful authority, this is any offence committed against any establishment of the law e.g. failure to pay tax to the appropriate authority.

    It explained that Local Acts are those laws that we cannot enforce outside Nigeria – e.g. Liquor Act or Firearms Act.

    Meanwhile, the bureau said that Lagos State reported 15, 426 cases of offence against persons; 22,885 cases of offence against property; 6, 768 cases of offence against lawful authority and 306 cases of offence against offence local Acts.

    The bureau further stated that a total of 125,790 cases were reported from the 36 states in 2016.

    It stated that offence against property had the highest number of cases reported with 65,397 of such cases.

    The bureau said that offence against persons recorded 45,554 cases reported while offence against lawful authority and local Acts recorded the least with 12,144 and 2,695 cases recorded respectively.

    It stated that Lagos State had the highest percentage share of total cases reported with 36.08 per cent and 45,385 cases recorded.

    The bureau stated that FCT Abuja and Delta State followed closely with 10.48 per cent and 13,181 and 6.25 per cent and 7,867 cases recorded respectively.

    It stated that Katsina State had the lowest percentage share of total cases reported with 0.10 per cent and 120 cases recorded.

    The bureau stated that Abia and Zamfara followed closely with 0.29 per cent and 364 cases and 0.38 per cent and 483 cases recorded respectively.
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    June 13, 2017

    The father of the recently arrested billionaire kidnapper, Chukwudi "Evans" Dumeme Onwuamadike, said he lives in poverty and had no idea his son had come into wealth acquired illegally. He said the last time he saw his son was in 2008 at which time he advised him to desist from illegal means of acquiring wealth.

    Evans' father, Mr. Stephen Onwuamadike, said it was Evans' mother who misled him and that she had been manipulating him since he was three-years-old.
    He also said he used to be very wealthy but Evans' mother led to his downfall and she left him with nothing. His current wife and her son also accused Evans' mother of being the person behind Evans' predicament. They painted Evans as a good and loving son who was only under the influence of his mother.

    Pleading with the Federal Government to forgive Evans, Mr Stephen Onwuamadike told New Telegraph that he has not been able to sleep since he received the phone call informing him that his son has been apprehended.

    He said: “My son is a good boy, but his mother misled him.”

    Stephen said Evans' real name is Chukwudumeje. He alleged that Evans is being spiritually manipulated by his ex-wife.

    He said:

    “I was devastated when I heard the news through a telephone call; since that call, I had not been able to sleep. I believe in a straight forward and honest life. If I noticed someone is not honest, I run away from the person. When my business was thriving, I did business with white people. I was one of the early millionaires that emerged from this town until things went wrong courtesy of my first wife in 1985. She caused me so many problems and eventually caused my financial ruins. In fact, she brought me down to where I am today. I’m suffering and I can barely put food on my table.”

    Stephen who lives in his country home at Akammili, Umudim, Nnewi, Anambra State, said that he tried his best to raise Evans by sending him to the best schools around.

    “My estranged wife kept interfering in his academics. You won’t believe that my son, Chukwudumeje (Evans) has not visited home since 2008. The last time I saw him was 10 years ago. I asked him the sort of business he was into. He said he was into drug trafficking. I advised him to desist because it was an illicit business and the law was against it. I told him plainly that it was better to be involved in a legitimate business and wait for God’s blessings. I did good business and it thrived; I was very successful. I have travelled to so many countries of the world in the course of my business,” Stephen said.

    He added:

    “His mother started manipulating him when he was only three years old; look at where it has got him. I don’t even have his phone number. I’m pleading with the Nigerian authorities to have mercy on him and give him a second chance. He was misdirected and misled by his mother. I heard about all the millions, and I said to myself, do I have such manner of rich son and the roof over my house is leaking. I now survive by selling pigs.”

    Evans’ stepbrother, Chidolie Onwuamadike, said his brother’s ruin was caused by his mother. He noted that if Evans had followed their father’s advice, he wouldn’t have become a criminal.

    Chidolie said:

    “As brothers, we don’t even interact at all. I don’t have his number and my heart is pained because he is such a loving, nice guy from the little I know of him.”

    A tearful Mrs Etty Onwuamadike, Evans' mother said:

    “Chukwudumeje is a nice boy when he lived with me. The only gift I gave him years back was the Holy Bible. I don’t want my son to die. I’m still convinced he will serve God.”
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    June 8, 2017
    This was shared by a Facebook friend

    I came out as usual looking dope and all that....and it was my first time of trying out a new outfit from my collection heating up soon...yea I sha am fine I told my self...and as usual it was an early morning journey. .

    Welcome to ABA I told my self let the hustle begin...
    2hrs after meeting a client it started raining so heavily that I thought the world was coming to an end..I waited it was late I couldn't wait any longer I had to just get to the park...it was 7.30pm...
    Nothing to convey me to the park I had to trek...with all the fabrics and stuffs God! See water na...the stagnant water was hideous reaching almost to my tommy....

    I must get to that park I told my self...suddenly I got to a kinda dry place though water was still on my ankle level..then cars where looking for a way to pass..with their head lights on only to find out I have lost my wallet with all my atms...also a leg of my l.v shoe.... a cheque given to me by a client. ..God!...suddenly I felt somtin on my leg so cold...I ignored it coz I needed to make it to the park..so no distractions. ..then I heard a big scream..haaahaaa what is that on your leg ...a woman shouted. .....

    Behold....a new born baby of about 4hrs..with still the placenta on and its a cute baby boy dead.....! The mother threw him away after birth and yes a very big opportunity coz it was raining. ....
    I blacked out..I almost fainted. ..I became so stiff that I can barely move...tears from no where gushed through my cold checks.....

    Why on earth would som1 destroy the life of an innocent child. ....who knows maybe he might become a president tomorrow. ..or bill gates...
    Just look at what we humans are doing...the world is so dirty that things like that this are just mere stories...

    I saw a dead baby today I cant still come out from this shock.. ...
    We all should look at our lives...am not saying am perfect but God is watching...
    She could have at list sold him or motherless..

    May God grant me the strenght to sleep coz am in great shock...now I cant even find my smaller phone...ohh how great today has been...worst day ever..
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    June 8, 2017

    Former FBI Director, James Comey is expected to testify in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee today. He's however released the full text of his opening remarks that he intends to deliver before the committee.

    Here is the full text of the prepared remarks that aimed a dagger blow at Donald Trump saying the President had demanded his loyalty, pressed him to drop a probe into ex-national security adviser Michael Flynn and repeatedly pressured him to publicly declare that he was not under investigation.

    Statement for the Record Senate Select Committee on Intelligence

    James B. Comey June 8, 2017
    Chairman Burr, Ranking Member Warner, Members of the Committee. Thank you for inviting me to appear before you today. I was asked to testify today to describe for you my interactions with President-Elect and President Trump on subjects that I understand are of interest to you. I have not included every detail from my conversations with the President, but, to the best of my recollection, I have tried to include information that may be relevant to the Committee.

    January 6 Briefing
    I first met then-President-Elect Trump on Friday, January 6 in a conference room at Trump Tower in New York. I was there with other Intelligence Community (IC) leaders to brief him and his new national security team on the findings of an IC assessment concerning Russian efforts to interfere in the election. At the conclusion of that briefing, I remained alone with the President Elect to brief him on some personally sensitive aspects of the information assembled during the assessment.
    The IC leadership thought it important, for a variety of reasons, to alert the incoming President to the existence of this material, even though it was salacious and unverified. Among those reasons were: (1) we knew the media was about to publicly report the material and we believed the IC should not keep knowledge of the material and its imminent release from the President-Elect; and (2) to the extent there was some effort to compromise an incoming President, we could blunt any such effort with a defensive briefing.

    The Director of National Intelligence asked that I personally do this portion of the briefing because I was staying in my position and because the material implicated the FBI’s counter-intelligence responsibilities. We also agreed I would do it alone to minimize potential embarrassment to the President-Elect. Although we agreed it made sense for me to do the briefing, the FBI’s leadership and I were concerned that the briefing might create a situation where a new President came into office uncertain about whether the FBI was conducting a counter-intelligence investigation of his personal conduct.

    It is important to understand that FBI counter-intelligence investigations are different than the more-commonly known criminal investigative work. The Bureau’s goal in a counter-intelligence investigation is to understand the technical and human methods that hostile foreign powers are using to influence the United States or to steal our secrets. The FBI uses that understanding to disrupt those efforts. Sometimes disruption takes the form of alerting a person who is targeted for recruitment or influence by the foreign power. Sometimes it involves hardening a computer system that is being attacked. Sometimes it involves "turning" the recruited person into a double-agent, or publicly calling out the behavior with sanctions or expulsions of embassy-based intelligence officers. On occasion, criminal prosecution is used to disrupt intelligence activities.

    Because the nature of the hostile foreign nation is well known, counterintelligence investigations tend to be centered on individuals the FBI suspects to be witting or unwitting agents of that foreign power. When the FBI develops reason to believe an American has been targeted for recruitment by a foreign power or is covertly acting as an agent of the foreign power, the FBI will "open an investigation" on that American and use legal authorities to try to learn more about the nature of any relationship with the foreign power so it can be disrupted.

    In that context, prior to the January 6 meeting, I discussed with the FBI’s leadership team whether I should be prepared to assure President-Elect Trump that we were not investigating him personally. That was true; we did not have an open counter-intelligence case on him. We agreed I should do so if circumstances warranted. During our one-on-one meeting at Trump Tower, based on PresidentElect Trump’s reaction to the briefing and without him directly asking the question, I offered that assurance. I felt compelled to document my first conversation with the President-Elect in a memo. To ensure accuracy, I began to type it on a laptop in an FBI vehicle outside Trump Tower the moment I walked out of the meeting. Creating written records immediately after one-on-one conversations with Mr. Trump was my practice from that point forward. This had not been my practice in the past. I spoke alone with President Obama twice in person (and never on the phone) – once in 2015 to discuss law enforcement policy issues and a second time, briefly, for him to say goodbye in late 2016. In neither of those circumstances did I memorialize the discussions. I can recall nine one-on-one conversations with President Trump in four months – three in person and six on the phone.

    January 27 Dinner
    The President and I had dinner on Friday, January 27 at 6:30 pm in the Green Room at the White House. He had called me at lunchtime that day and invited me to dinner that night, saying he was going to invite my whole family, but decided to have just me this time, with the whole family coming the next time. It was unclear from the conversation who else would be at the dinner, although I assumed there would be others.

    It turned out to be just the two of us, seated at a small oval table in the center of the Green Room. Two Navy stewards waited on us, only entering the room to serve food and drinks.
    The President began by asking me whether I wanted to stay on as FBI Director, which I found strange because he had already told me twice in earlier conversations that he hoped I would stay, and I had assured him that I intended to. He said that lots of people wanted my job and, given the abuse I had taken during the previous year, he would understand if I wanted to walk away.
    My instincts told me that the one-on-one setting, and the pretense that this was our first discussion about my position, meant the dinner was, at least in part, an effort to have me ask for my job and create some sort of patronage relationship. That concerned me greatly, given the FBI’s traditionally independent status in the executive branch.

    I replied that I loved my work and intended to stay and serve out my ten-year term as Director. And then, because the set-up made me uneasy, I added that I was not "reliable" in the way politicians use that word, but he could always count on me to tell him the truth. I added that I was not on anybody’s side politically and could not be counted on in the traditional political sense, a stance I said was in his best interest as the President.

    A few moments later, the President said, "I need loyalty, I expect loyalty." I didn’t move, speak, or change my facial expression in any way during the awkward silence that followed. We simply looked at each other in silence. The conversation then moved on, but he returned to the subject near the end of our dinner.

    At one point, I explained why it was so important that the FBI and the Department of Justice be independent of the White House. I said it was a paradox: Throughout history, some Presidents have decided that because "problems" come from Justice, they should try to hold the Department close. But blurring those boundaries ultimately makes the problems worse by undermining public trust in the institutions and their work.

    Near the end of our dinner, the President returned to the subject of my job, saying he was very glad I wanted to stay, adding that he had heard great things about me from Jim Mattis, Jeff Sessions, and many others. He then said, "I need loyalty." I replied, "You will always get honesty from me." He paused and then said, "That’s what I want, honest loyalty." I paused, and then said, "You will get that from me." As I wrote in the memo I created immediately after the dinner, it is possible we understood the phrase "honest loyalty" differently, but I decided it wouldn’t be productive to push it further. The term – honest loyalty – had helped end a very awkward conversation and my explanations had made clear what he should expect.

    During the dinner, the President returned to the salacious material I had briefed him about on January 6, and, as he had done previously, expressed his disgust for the allegations and strongly denied them. He said he was considering ordering me to investigate the alleged incident to prove it didn’t happen. I replied that he should give that careful thought because it might create a narrative that we were investigating him personally, which we weren’t, and because it was very difficult to prove a negative. He said he would think about it and asked me to think about it.
    As was my practice for conversations with President Trump, I wrote a detailed memo about the dinner immediately afterwards and shared it with the senior leadership team of the FBI.

    February 14 Oval Office Meeting
    On February 14, I went to the Oval Office for a scheduled counterterrorism briefing of the President. He sat behind the desk and a group of us sat in a semi-circle of about six chairs facing him on the other side of the desk. The Vice President, Deputy Director of the CIA, Director of the National Counter Terrorism Center, Secretary of Homeland Security, the Attorney General, and I were in the semi-circle of chairs. I was directly facing the President, sitting between the Deputy CIA Director and the Director of NCTC. There were quite a few others in the room, sitting behind us on couches and chairs.

    The President signaled the end of the briefing by thanking the group and telling them all that he wanted to speak to me alone. I stayed in my chair. As the participants started to leave the Oval Office, the Attorney General lingered by my chair, but the President thanked him and said he wanted to speak only with me. The last person to leave was Jared Kushner, who also stood by my chair and exchanged pleasantries with me. The President then excused him, saying he wanted to speak with me.
    When the door by the grandfather clock closed, and we were alone, the President began by saying, "I want to talk about Mike Flynn." Flynn had resigned the previous day. The President began by saying Flynn hadn’t done anything wrong in speaking with the Russians, but he had to let him go because he had misled the Vice President. He added that he had other concerns about Flynn, which he did not then specify.

    The President then made a long series of comments about the problem with leaks of classified information – a concern I shared and still share. After he had spoken for a few minutes about leaks, Reince Priebus leaned in through the door by the grandfather clock and I could see a group of people waiting behind him. The President waved at him to close the door, saying he would be done shortly. The door closed.

    The President then returned to the topic of Mike Flynn, saying, "He is a good guy and has been through a lot." He repeated that Flynn hadn’t done anything wrong on his calls with the Russians, but had misled the Vice President. He then said, "I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go. He is a good guy. I hope you can let this go." I replied only that "he is a good guy." (In fact, I had a positive experience dealing with Mike Flynn when he was a colleague as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency at the beginning of my term at FBI.) I did not say I would "let this go."
    The President returned briefly to the problem of leaks. I then got up and left out the door by the grandfather clock, making my way through the large group of people waiting there, including Mr. Priebus and the Vice President.

    I immediately prepared an unclassified memo of the conversation about Flynn and discussed the matter with FBI senior leadership. I had understood the President to be requesting that we drop any investigation of Flynn in connection with false statements about his conversations with the Russian ambassador in December. I did not understand the President to be talking about the broader investigation into Russia or possible links to his campaign. I could be wrong, but I took him to be focusing on what had just happened with Flynn’s departure and the controversy around his account of his phone calls. Regardless, it was very concerning, given the FBI’s role as an independent investigative agency.

    The FBI leadership team agreed with me that it was important not to infect the investigative team with the President’s request, which we did not intend to abide. We also concluded that, given that it was a one-on-one conversation, there was nothing available to corroborate my account. We concluded it made little sense to report it to Attorney General Sessions, who we expected would likely recuse himself from involvement in Russia-related investigations. (He did so two weeks later.) The Deputy Attorney General’s role was then filled in an acting capacity by a United States Attorney, who would also not be long in the role. After discussing the matter, we decided to keep it very closely held, resolving to figure out what to do with it down the road as our investigation progressed. The investigation moved ahead at full speed, with none of the investigative team members – or the Department of Justice lawyers supporting them – aware of the President’s request.

    Shortly afterwards, I spoke with Attorney General Sessions in person to pass along the President’s concerns about leaks. I took the opportunity to implore the Attorney General to prevent any future direct communication between the President and me. I told the AG that what had just happened – him being asked to leave while the FBI Director, who reports to the AG, remained behind – was inappropriate and should never happen. He did not reply. For the reasons discussed above, I did not mention that the President broached the FBI’s potential investigation of General Flynn.

    March 30 Phone Call
    On the morning of March 30, the President called me at the FBI. He described the Russia investigation as "a cloud" that was impairing his ability to act on behalf of the country. He said he had nothing to do with Russia, had not been involved with hookers in Russia, and had always assumed he was being recorded when in Russia. He asked what we could do to "lift the cloud." I responded that we were investigating the matter as quickly as we could, and that there would be great benefit, if we didn’t find anything, to our having done the work well. He agreed, but then re-emphasized the problems this was causing him.

    Then the President asked why there had been a congressional hearing about Russia the previous week – at which I had, as the Department of Justice directed, confirmed the investigation into possible coordination between Russia and the Trump campaign. I explained the demands from the leadership of both parties in Congress for more information, and that Senator Grassley had even held up the confirmation of the Deputy Attorney General until we briefed him in detail on the investigation. I explained that we had briefed the leadership of Congress on exactly which individuals we were investigating and that we had told those Congressional leaders that we were not personally investigating President Trump. I reminded him I had previously told him that. He repeatedly told me, "We need to get that fact out." (I did not tell the President that the FBI and the Department of Justice had been reluctant to make public statements that we did not have an open case on President Trump for a number of reasons, most importantly because it would create a duty to correct, should that change.)

    The President went on to say that if there were some "satellite" associates of his who did something wrong, it would be good to find that out, but that he hadn’t done anything wrong and hoped I would find a way to get it out that we weren’t investigating him.

    In an abrupt shift, he turned the conversation to FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, saying he hadn’t brought up "the McCabe thing" because I had said McCabe was honorable, although McAuliffe was close to the Clintons and had given him (I think he meant Deputy Director McCabe’s wife) campaign money. Although I didn’t understand why the President was bringing this up, I repeated that Mr. McCabe was an honorable person.

    He finished by stressing "the cloud" that was interfering with his ability to make deals for the country and said he hoped I could find a way to get out that he wasn’t being investigated. I told him I would see what we could do, and that we would do our investigative work well and as quickly as we could.
    Immediately after that conversation, I called Acting Deputy Attorney General Dana Boente (AG Sessions had by then recused himself on all Russia related matters), to report the substance of the call from the President, and said I would await his guidance. I did not hear back from him before the President called me again two weeks later.

    April 11 Phone Call
    On the morning of April 11, the President called me and asked what I had done about his request that I "get out" that he is not personally under investigation. I replied that I had passed his request to the Acting Deputy Attorney General, but I had not heard back. He replied that "the cloud" was getting in the way of his ability to do his job. He said that perhaps he would have his people reach out to the Acting Deputy Attorney General. I said that was the way his request should be handled. I said the White House Counsel should contact the leadership of DOJ to make the request, which was the traditional channel.

    He said he would do that and added, "Because I have been very loyal to you, very loyal; we had that thing you know." I did not reply or ask him what he meant by "that thing." I said only that the way to handle it was to have the White House Counsel call the Acting Deputy Attorney General. He said that was what he would do and the call ended.
    That was the last time I spoke with President Trump.
  • Admin
    June 8, 2017

    The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC has reportedly traced a multi-billion naira property said to be owned by former First Lady, Patience Jonathan. The Nation reports the antigraft agency is currently investigating the property and may place it under Interim Asset Forfeiture.

    The agency is said to also be investigating the relationship between Mrs. Jonathan and two companies being probed by detectives.

    Also, three accounts and three more properties have been put under surveillance by the anti-graft commission in connection with the ongoing investigation of the ex-First Lady. The three accounts belong to Aribawa Aruera Research Foundation; Finchley Top Homes Limited and AM-PM Network Limited. The accounts were uncovered in the course of investigating Mrs Jonathan and Aribawa Aruera Research Foundation.

    The anti-graft commission is suspecting a business relationship between Mrs. Jonathan and Finchley Top Homes Limited and AM-PM Network Limited. Preliminary investigation revealed that huge slush funds might have been laundered through the foundation and the two firms.

    A report indicated that Aruera Foundation is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with RC No 22805. “Huge funds were suspected to have been laundered into the accounts of the above mentioned companies and properties worth billions of naira were allegedly acquired by ex-First Lady Patience Jonathan through the aforementioned companies. Detectives were able to track transactions through open source information from interbank settlement.

    The ex-First Lady and five others are trustees of Aribawa Foundation. Intelligence from Abuja Geographical Information Service (AGIS) revealed that a multi-billion naira property, Plot No. 1758B06 in Mabushi Area, belongs to the foundation. The said property is not such that a state Permanent Secretary in person of Mrs. Patience Jonathan can afford.

    The property should be marked as under investigation and interim forfeiture order be secured.” The ex-First Lady is being probed in connection with three other assets – Plot 96(DO5) in Karsana ; Plot 7109 (E18) in Wasa; and Plot 30 (DO3) in Idogwari. Besides, EFCC detectives have turned their searchlight on the ex-First Lady’s relationship with Finchley Top Homes Limited and AM-PM Network Limited. Another source added: “We have conducted searches at the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) on the two companies whose accounts were earlier frozen alongside that of the ex-First Lady over $5.8 million which was reasonably suspected to be proceeds of crime.

    They were among the five companies and one Esther Oba said to be having a total sum of N7.4 billion in six banks. But their counsel Ifedayo Adedipe (SAN) succeeded in unfreezing the account on April 6 at the Federal High Court presided over by Justice Mojisola Olatoregun. This is a new investigation. It is too early to return any verdict on the two companies because our detectives are looking into their books.”

    The source cited Section 7 of the EFCC (Establishment) Act to justify the investigation. Section 7 of the EFCC Act says: “The commission has power to (a) cause any investigations to be conducted as to whether any person, corporate body or organization has committed any offence under this Act or other law relating to economic and financial crimes. (b) Cause investigations to be conducted into the properties of any person if it appears to the commission that the person’s lifestyle and extent of the properties are not justified by his source of income.”

    The latest probe of Mrs. Jonathan has raised the number of properties linked to her to 17. According to the EFCC source, about 13 properties were initially associated with the ex-First Lady in Port Harcourt and Yenagoa.

    The assets in Port Harcourt are former Customs Service Officers Mess; two duplexes at 2/3 Bauchi Street; landed property with blocks at Ambowei Street; three luxury apartments of four-bedroom each at Ambowei Street; and Grand View Hotel on Airport Road.

    Other assets in Yenagoa include two marble duplexes at Otioko GRA by Isaac Boro Expressway; Glass House on Sani Abacha Expressway, which is housing the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board; Akemfa Etie Plaza by AP filling Station, Melford Okilo Road; and Aridolf Resort, Wellness and Spa on Sani Abacha Expressway.
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    June 8, 2017
    A defiant coalition of some youth from the northern part of the country on Wednesday afternoon convened another meeting to respond to Governor Nasir El-Rufai for condemning their attempt to kick out Nigerians of Igbo origin resident in Northern Nigeria.

    The meeting, which was underway in Kaduna at the time of this report, is aimed at responding to Mr. El-Rufai for ordering the arrest and prosecution of members of the fringe group, PREMIUM TIMES learnt.

    Abdulaziz Suleiman, a coordinator of the group, said Mr. El-Rufai’s move to block his group from forcing a mass exodus of Igbo from northern states was “disappointing.”

    “We are currently meeting to decide on how best to react,” Mr. Suleiman told PREMIUM TIMES Wednesday afternoon.
    “Personally, I am disappointed with some of our leaders. These types of threats were issued against the Fulani recently and no governor from the South came out to condemn it,” Mr. Suleiman added.

    His group, Arewa Youth Consultative Forum, caused a nationwide anxiety on Wednesdayafter it held a press conference in Kaduna Tuesday afternoon to give Igbo a 12-week deadline upon which they must vacate Northern Nigeria and return to East, the part of Nigeria with a predominantly Igbo population.

    The group held the media briefing at the headquarters of Arewa Consultative Forum, a political and cultural association of Northern Nigeria leaders.

    Mr. El-Rufai said the misguided elements failed to realise that every Nigerian has a right to live in any part of the country.

    Walid Jibrin, a Peoples Democratic Party chieftain, joined Mr. El-Rufai in condemning Mr. Suleiman’s group, saying in a statement to PREMIUM TIMES Wednesday that the Igbo should not be disturbed.

    “The Igbo are very broad-minded people who have helped to develop the economy of the North.
    “There is no village, ward or town where you will not find an Igbo race living peacefully with the people.

    “Igbo and the South-South people have always remained the allies of the North since independence. Any action that will lead Nigeria to a civil war should never be entertained especially now that Nigeria needs unity from everyone,” Mr. Jibrin, the chairman of the opposition PDP Board of Trustees, said.

  • Admin
    June 8, 2017

    The Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Ltd (SPDC) operator of the Shell/NNPC Joint Venture on Tuesday lifted the 17 months force majeure placed on Forcados Export Terminal following the completion of repairs of the leaks on the Trans Forcados Pipeline (TFP) that has affected crude receipts into Forcados Terminal.
    The spokesperson of Shell Nigeria, Bamidele Odugbesan who confirmed the development to EYES OF LAGOS in a telephone chat said the force majeure was lifted effective 16.00hour (4.00pm local time) on Tuesday, June 6, 2017.

    He commended the government and securities agencies for their supports in ensuring the repairs of the pipelines stressing that the reopening of the crude export terminal will further improve the prospect of meeting the 2.2 million barrel per day (bpd) export target of the government.
    According to Bloomberg’s loading program, Nigeria’s crude shipment this month is expected to average about 250,000 bpd, adding that the extra flows amount to about 20 per cent of the supply OPEC has pledged to cut from world markets.

    Meanwhile, Seplat Plc has applauded the development stating that since reception injection of oil and condensate gas into the Forcados system, it has been able to reinstate gross production at OMLs 4, 38 and 41 to pre – force majeure level of about 75,000 bpd and 290mn cubic feet per day or 125, 000 barrels of oil equivalent per day gross (56,000boe/d net to Seplat’s 45 per cent interest).
    In contrasts to the company’s first quarter 2017 production report it submitted to the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) in April of 7,721bpd only plus 211mn cubic feet per day.

    Speaking on the development, Seplat’s CEO, Austin Avuru said, “The resumption of export at the Forcados terminal has enabled us to very quickly de-constrain production, and in doing so once again demonstrate Seplat’s strong underlying fundamentals.”

    Similarly, the Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC), a subsidiary of the NNPC is expected to benefit from the lifting of the force majeure as the uses the pipeline to transport around 11,000 barrel per day of crude and 6.5 million cubic feet of gas per day for export.

    Meanwhile, it will be recalled that OPEC had on May 25 said it will keep its collective output restricted by 1.2 MMbpd until the end of the first quarter next year. Nigeria and Libya which were both exempted from the curbs because of domestic conflicts has in recent time increased their supply.
  • Admin
    June 8, 2017


    This is broken silence from one of the students who has been frustrated in in the University.

    Madonna University is one of the most popular private universities in Nigeria, founded by VERY REV. FR. EMMANUEL MATHEW PAUL EDEH CSSP. OFR

    It has about Three Campuses which include, Elele campus, Okija Campus and Akpugo Campus

    Madonna University is a university with a difference; don’t doubt it is because what happens inside here cannot happen in any other university in Nigeria,

    Inside here Human rights are highly prohibited …

    The school doesn’t care about student’s feelings or their good interest rather they bring up policies against the interest and joy of Students,

    Students opinion are not being looked into or settled rather it gives us suspension if the not expulsion and the school panel is for justice rather where they decide what will happen to you

    In the year 2016 after the killing and bombing of properties in the North East.

    The Father Founder decided to offer a free Education to the students who are being affected which the students very happy , without knowing he was using for International business and Awards.

    During this Event of fake free Education he invited some foreign agencies Like UNICEF, A former prime minister of Ukraine and a former who gave the support of 80 million Naira to the so Called father Edehs Charity organization, After which he now restricted the free Education to only final years Students who were only 12 in number, and paid only their tuition fees which was #30,000 out of about #450.000 they pay paid as school fees and he pockets the 80million naira which was donated for support.

    Some times when foreigners visits our school, he introduces us as less privileged people that is under his sponsorship.

    Currently Medicine students are paying 1.5million Naira, Pharmacy 980 thousand Naira, law 1.2 million with other departments paying more than 500 thousand Naira, during an international convention last year he said the school fees is to small to run the school .

    In 2016 when students where transferring from The school to other universities due to Maltreatment in the school, they increased the transcripts fee from #40.000 to #500.000 which made many students drop out because they cannot afford the school fees again and they cannot afford the transcript fee.

    Presently now Madonna is providing the Highest spillover students in the country, 40% to 45% spilled because of either philosophy, theology, German or French and sometimes the tell u your script is missing or they will tag it Excess credit Load. In some many cases lecturers will give u CA but at the End of the day Exams and record will say u don’t have CA , Sometimes they do this just for you to spill and pay fees again.

    In my Class Medical Laboratory Science 2013/2016 set, we are about 300 in the class but when NUC the presented only 50 students and they warned the remaining students not to come to class.

    Security treats us like we are armed robbers or less privileged and if you retaliate you will tagged a cultist and u will be expelled that is what happen

    In Akpugo 2015 when some students were brutally beaten and accused to be


    Even our Registrar and some of our Good and intelligent lecturers has left the school because of barbarity, brutality, savagery, wickedness, cruelty, abomination, enormity, outrage, monstrosity, obscenity, iniquity, transgression, injustice, abuse in the institution

    please I call on NUC and other Education regulating bodies to investigate on this matter, we are really suffering here, nobody wants to talk because of expulsion please come for a secrete investigation , thank you

    NOTE ::::

    This article is represents the opinions of the author only, and does not necessarily represent the views and opinion of StateReporters News cable

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    June 8, 2017
    I believe that the internet is more than just where we should just catch fun. No rule says we cannot have fun while we earn. After all, the fun itself is not really free. We all buy data to access the internet. So, what if we also make some money out of it? I mean, what if we decide to earn legitimately from it?

    It is on this ground that I am bringing fresh online ideas that you can tap into. They are easy-to-do because they are not time-consuming and require virtually no skill. More still, they are in great demand. You just need to know where to look on the internet. With a little research, you can uncover a huge market for yourself. Some nairalanders who engage in these jobs have more demand than what they can meet. Subsequently, they have to hire others. If you pick one or two from the list of these jobs, you will soon discover that all you need do is learn the ropes of how to go about it. With time, you will be able to deliver plenty jobs in a short time while earning handsomely.

    So are you ready to earn some money online? If your answer is “yes”, then read on.

    1. Transcription
    This job requires you to convert speech on audio or video files to written texts. As you can see, this requires no skill. When you receive any job, you are to listen to the recording and write it word-for-word. The transcriptions can be on anything ranging from proceedings at a meeting to voice dictations etc. To make it easy on yourself, you should get a headset which can help boost the sound of the recordings which will, in turn, make your transcription easy.

    2. Article Writing
    Article writing is one job that is always on demand. Most people think this is difficult and require skill, but it does not. Many people with education that has nothing to do with writing are doing this job to make ends meet. Most information on the internet is recycled, and very few are new. Clients are aware of this, and that is why they will give you writing jobs from a wide variety of subjects. If you can basically research, understand and rewrite stuffs, then you are good to go. The reason you need to know how to rewrite in your own words is to avoid plagiarism.

    3. Online Data Entry
    These kind jobs command some experience and basic computer knowledge. In this job, you are to input data which may be alphabetic, numeric or symbolic into a company’s system. The data may come in handwritten forms or audio files. You need to be well organized to excel in this job. Also, meeting deadlines is very important. Of course, it offers great flexibility regarding work timings: night or day shifts, part time or full time.

    4. Voice Over
    How good is your oral English? If you have a good command of English language and pronunciation, this is what is ideal for you. There are individuals and companies who need audio recordings for various purposes. Going directly to online markets where people like you are, is more cost effective for them. You will often get requests for voice over on virtually anything you can imagine. Jobs of this nature generally will require at least a 30 seconds voice over for which you will be paid.

    5. Translation
    If you can speak two or more foreign languages, you may be interested in this. People who can speak another foreign language are like hot cakes. There are various reasons why this kind of people is needed online. It could be to hire them as an instructor or to translate from one language to another. And since people who can speak multiple languages are in short supply, the offer for their service is often very attractive.

    6. Affiliate Marketing
    This is one job that many people are yet to take advantage of. Maybe the reason is that the idea has not been around them for long. What this job entails is recommending products to people online. People always need clarifications when they want to make purchases so they can be better informed. This is where you come in. Whenever they make the purchase of the products, you will get a commission from the sale. I have compiled everything you need to succeed in Affiliate Marketing as you will see below. The job is easy. What you need to do is simply to make recommendations. And there is no limit to how much you can earn.

    In summary, there are so many ideas on earning online. If you’ve never found the ones that suits you, it is because you never did any research. With the above fresh ideas, you begin to earn right from the comfort of your home. All you need do is pick one and start working on it.
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    June 7, 2017

    Police on Friday, June 2, arrested a Nigerian man at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi Airport for ‘black dollar scam’ and forgery.

    Officials said that the man identified as Gabriel Blessing Efe, was trying to travel to Kolkata and Bhubaneswar on forged documents.

    For those who don’t know, a black dollar scam is a trick where con artists attempt to obtain money by duping their victim by persuading them that a bundle of banknote-sized paper are actually currency notes that have been dyed to avoid detection, and can be brought back to original dollars if treated with a particular chemical.

    “Last Friday a Nigerian national who arrived at the Delhi airport to fly to Kolkata via Bhuvneshwer by an Indigo flight 6E 701, was intercepted based on a tip off. According to the documents he held, he was identified as one Mike Danny Efe. On screening of his luggage, a suspicious bundle of papers which were in the size of currency notes and a bottle of chemical were recovered from him,” said Sanjay Bhatia, DCP IGI.

    On finding these suspicious articles, the man was off loaded and was detained for further enquiry. Interrogation revealed that his original name was Gabriel Blessing Efe and that he had fraudulently obtained a passport and business visa.

    He further disclosed that he had come to India in 2012 for the first time and went back to Nigeria in 2013. In 2015 he again came to India on a business visa and stayed in different cities including Mumbai and Delhi, police said.

    “He further disclosed that one of his Nigerian friends, Tonny, who is in Kolkata, asked him to bring dollar size bundles of papers along with a bottle of chemicals. These items were provided to Efe by another Nigerian national Oscar at New Delhi Railway Station and he was asked to deliver it to Tonny in Kolkata.

    He also said they were looking to dupe one businessman on the pretext of providing him US dollars on cheap rates. They told the target that the dollars, which are in paper form, can be converted into original USDs, after a chemical wash,” said Bhatia.

    With the arrest, police have recovered 14 bundles of currency size paper with each bundle containing 100 papers and one bottle of chemical.

    “A record from the immigration department has also been sought to ascertain the travel record of accused Gabriel and others. A team has been deployed to scrutinise the CCTV footage of ticketing agent and railway stations for more clues,” the DCP said.

  • Admin
    June 7, 2017
    Sometimes ago, you thought it was the right time to be in a relationship. You met your partner, and you were convinced they were the best thing to exist since sliced bread. You started the relationship, and it was pure bliss. You called yourselves repeatedly. The online chats were intense. You both would chat late for thirty minutes only to realize it’s actually been three hours and it was almost 12 am in the morning. The text messages were constant. The surprise love gestures were unending. The glow on your face was too hard for anybody to miss. You both were happy. You were crazy about each other. This was your heaven. This was what you always dreamed of.

    Until one day, your partner started missing your calls. You’d wait for hours before the return call came in (if at all it ever did). If you complained, you received the “I’ve been very busy response.” You both are now online, but the chats have halted. You ask why they have not been reading and responding to your messages and they reply that they were not actually online because they forgot to log out. Slowly, you are getting used to not seeing their calls for days. Loving them seems to be like you’re doing yourself a favor. Everything they’ve been doing to make you feel special has stopped. When you register your grievances, they make it sound like you are nagging. You would have walked away, but your heart would just not cooperate. You are crazy about them, and they know this. This is why they feel they are at liberty to act anyhow because they know they will get away with it.

    Meanwhile, you are getting sad because you’ve invested so much in the relationship and did not want it to crash. Yet, you can feel the distance between you two widen continuously. The feeling of love you have for them now seems to be your punishment. The weight of having a partner who does not take you seriously anymore is draining you. Your partner is taking your love for granted. You can feel it deep within your heart because this is real.

    Hello. Are you A lady or A guy? Do the above describe you? Having a partner who takes you for granted can be frustrating. It can even be crushing if you have put so much into the relationship to make it work. The funny thing is that in some cases, your partner would not end the relationship but yet would not fix things up. So, what can you do about such a relationship? Below are four action points that you can take. While these points are not a guarantee of taking the relationship back to how it was, they are the logical steps that can help you become free in the long run.

    Action point one: Talk with your partner
    This is the first step to every problem in a relationship. When you sense your partner is taking you for granted, it is time you had a one-on-one discussion with them. It is not a time for phone calls or online chats. If there is distance barrier, you can make use of Skype. But conversations such as these are best done in person. Let them know your grievances. Sometimes in a relationship, there are things you will be angry about which your partner has no idea about. Tell them how you’ve been hurt by their actions and give specific examples.

    Action point two: Talk to a close friend
    This is the next resort if nothing changes about your relationship. Your partner ought to have a friend that roots for the two of you. This is where they can come in handy. While some people tend to frown at this approach, it can be very helpful. It can help you gain a better understanding of what is really going on. But if you feel this action point is not for you, you can ignore it.

    Action point three: Withdraw for a while
    If you were busy and you dropped your phone elsewhere, how long would it take you to notice its absence? Thirty minutes? One hour? The reason is that your phone is important to you. We are wired as humans to observe the absence of anything that matters to us. If you got home after a hard day’s work, you are more likely to notice the absence of your television compared to your shoe. Getting the drift? Likewise, you need to know if you are still important to your partner. Withdraw from them for a while and watch if they notice your absence. Quit the calls, the visit, the messages and everything. If they notice it and come back pressing to know what is wrong, you should have another dialogue with them. If they don’t notice and don’t press for it, that is a bad sign.

    Action Point Four: End the relationship
    If they don’t notice your withdrawal, it means it is time to let go. It is a sign that they are taking you for granted because they stopped loving you a long time ago. Yes, you may still have feelings for them, but it is time to move on. Don’t try to force someone into accepting you or staying with you. You need to recognize when it ends.

    An extra action point
    Work on yourself: Rather than mope around about the relationship, engross yourself in something new and challenging. Doing this can help you heal faster. Take a trip and visit new places. You can learn a skill or new languages. You can write a book or take a special course. Whatever your choice may be, channel your sadness over the relationship into becoming far better than you are now. Your partner may return or not. What you do with that is entirely up to you. But you can choose not to remain hurt and pained anymore. Remaining in a dating relationship where you are being taken for granted is an abuse to yourself.
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    June 6, 2017

    Students of tertiary institutions in Ekiti State, Monday protested against what they described as an attempt by former governor of the State and current Minister of Minerals and Steel Development, Dr
    Kayode Fayemi to use the judiciary to shield himself from answering questions on allegations of corruption levelled against him and demanded that the ex-governor must present himself for questioning by the Judicial Commission of Inquiry recently constituted by the state government.
    It would be recalled that Governor Ayodele Fayose, at the instance of the Ekiti State House of Assembly recently inaugurated a Judicial Commission of Inquiry to investigate Dr Fayemi on allegations of fraud and diversion of public funds.

    Fayemi has, however, went to court to stop the commission from carrying out its duty against him.

    Incidentally, the state law that empowers Governor Fayose to set up the said commission was signed into law by ex-governor Fayemi in 2012.

    The angry students who represented all indigenes of Ekiti from such students' associations as the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), Federation of Ekiti State Students' Unions, home and diaspora (FESSU) and other students' unions from tertiary institutions across the country among others, marched from the Oluyemi Kayode Stadium in Ado-Ekiti, state capital to Ojumose to address the press and from there to other parts of the city.

    They sang hate songs against Fayemi and carried placards with agitating inscriptions such as "Ekiti students support Fayemi's probe," Fayemi, where are the N1 billion flowers"," We say no to corruption" and "Fayemi don't hide, come to Ekiti to exonerate yourself!" among others.

    Speaking on behalf of the students, Idowu Peter, President, FESSU, said: "we are protesting endemic corruption of political office holders in Nigeria and we are demanding that the fight against corruption by the Federal Government should be across board and not sectional or restricted to only the opposition party.

    "We are also calling on immediate past governor Kayode Fayemi to come to face the judicial commission of enquiry set up to probe his activities in government. He must come to defend himself against the allegation of misappropriation of the N850 State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) funds levelled against him and others. He shouldn't hide under a court injunction to stop the panel if indeed his hands are clean."

    Also speaking, Owolabi Temitayo Alexander, chairman NANS Joint Campus Committee (JCC), Ekiti axis, said: "If former governor Fayemi knows he has no skeleton in his cupboard, we demand that he appear before the state judicial commission of enquiry set up to make him answer to allegations of graft. He should not hide under a shield by the judiciary. After all, he himself signed this law of judicial commission of enquiry into the constitution of the state, so he should have the moral courage to face the. Commission and not run away from it.

    "Can you imagine a situation whereby someone who signed the law establishing a commission of inquiry in 2012 to probe his predecessor, Engr Segun Oni begin to run from the same law in 2017?"

    Aridiogo David Olaitan, President of the Students' Union Government, SUG, Ekiti State University, and Ogundipe Adewale, SUG, President College of Education, Ikere Ekiti, also corroborated their colleagues' views, saying:

    "The federal government must impress it on Fayemi to present himself for probe before the Ekiti State Judicial commission of enquiry if indeed it is sincere with its anti-graft fight in the country. There shouldn't be a sacred cow in this fight. That Fayemi is an appointee of the President doesn't not shield him from being probed".

    The College of Education, Ikere-Ekiti Students' Union President, Ogundipe Adewale in his address said he was in support of the commission of inquiry set up by the state government adding that Dr. Fayemi has no reason to run away from his people if he's not guilty.

    "Under normal circumstances, if you make a law, the moment it is made, the law becomes older than you. The law has no senior brother, everyone is equal before the law. Dr. Fayemi should be answerable for his deeds while in office, he should desist from this hide and seek game if indeed he has nothing to hide. He should come back and jawjaw with the people he ruled for four years", Ogundipe said.

    The protest which kicked off at the Oluyemi Kayode Stadium saw the students sing protest songs round Ojumose, Okeyinmi, Old Garage before dispersing by Ijigbo junction in Ado-Ekiti.
  • Admin
    June 1, 2017
    Everyday, opportunities stare at so many people in various wyas, but people are cannot see because they do not look. Many youths in this generation are knowingly or knowingly basically wasting away and waiting on white collar jobs, connect and praying the type of Olajumoke's prayers. Truth is, if you don't make efforts, you wouldn't be part of a success story. Aside jobs, some youths are wasting away by doing things that are hazardous to them and the country.

    1. Waiting on jobs- Truth is this, not everyone is ever gonna work in an office environment. For some, they are likely to end up as entrepreneurs, employers, staffs and so on. So many youths keep waiting on white collar kind of jobs, waiting on someone to connect them and so on. You really don't have to wait on anyone. Push yourself, start with the little capital you have,be diligent in what you do and watch how you excel.

    2. Looking for easy routes- Many youths don't even want to earn through the right process. They rather cut corners and look for easy routes. Youths go into fraud, prostitution, rituals and so on. They want a sugar mummy and daddy to make their lives better. What you work hard for, you cherish it and you are proud of it. Nothing good comes so easy.

    3. No thirst for knowledge- Most youths now find it difficult reading. Even when an important message, text or book is sent across, it becomes a burden to read and digest. Some youths rather go have fun than attend quality seminars, events or listen to piece of information that could be useful. There are many skills acquisitions that are free or you have to pay little, you find out some youths still wouldn't attend. Knowledge is never a waste. We don't even research on job opportunities, scholarships that could be beneficial.

    4. Lustful desires- Now that there is recession, you find out some youths are still spending on things that don't add up. They try to impress those that don't matter. Spend weekly on liabilities instead of assets. Some youths just want to live like these celebrities. Empty their wallets just to stay relevant. Spend outrageously on gadgets, fashion items, trips that don't add up.

    5. Wrong company- so many youths are in companies that are likely to dampen their future. They go into relationships that don't add any value to them. Relationships where you don't have a good foundation and you become are turned to a punching bag or ATM machine. Most youths are keeping wrong company with those that wouldn't make them grow. You are likely to become like the person you stay with often.
  • Admin
    June 1, 2017

    The vocal American rapper, Nas, considered as one of the most politically conscious rappers in the game, penned an open letter to his fans urging action to combat what he said was institutionalized racism and the policies of President Donald Trump.

    Read the letter published by Mass Appeal Magazine below...

    The only way the black man gets a little piece in America is if he takes the O.J. stance: “I’m not black, I’m O.J.” When you ignore the shit that’s happening to people you can live in this fantasy, this American fantasy that you belong to… who? You ignore what’s happening, and that gives you peace. Because what’s going on is enough to make people insane. Some guy lynched in a tree at Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Georgia, and the cops rule it a suicide. Now, don’t get me wrong—suicides happen.

    There are blacks suffering from mental illness just like whites suffering from mental illness, except that whites who suffer from mental illness and have interactions with the cops, they end up living. Blacks, we get killed. So if you want to sit back and ignore all that, go the O.J. route. Just remember, even he got dealt with at the end of the day. So where do I stand? I stand just as a man, doing what I have to do. Doing what I was born to do. No one can tell me who I am. No one can tell me where I can go and cannot go.

    The Creator put us here to do our thing, so I do my thing. And I don’t pay attention to politics at the moment. For what? There’s no reason. For me, it doesn’t make any sense. We all know a racist is in office. People can talk their shit. Comedians can sound racist. People can go through their moments of that shit, but when you have the responsibility of being President and you carry on like that, you send a strong message to people outside of your group that they ain’t worth shit.

    So why would I focus on that unless I’m in the political game? Unless I’m running for office I don’t have to pay attention to know that. If I ever vote again—when it’s time to vote again, and I feel like voting again—I don’t have to follow the news to know who I’m voting against. But then you wind up saying “Who’s the next motherfucker coming in, and how does that help?” My way of addressing these issues is through my work. Whatever president may be in office doesn’t affect my work directly.

    The way he affects people is what affects me. I observe what’s going on and that goes into my creative process. The person himself, I’m not caught up with. I don’t even have time for Trump or Pence. I don’t give a fuck. My focus is on what’s happening with real people in their everyday lives.

    How they behave, the decisions they make, and how that affects families. I grew up in a single-parent household, so I was affected by that life. But it didn’t stop me. So I speak to the everyday people. I speak to everybody. If the people are bothered by it, I speak on it. If the people are bothered and want change, I speak on that. It’s the same way I felt as a youngster when Ronald Reagan was in office.

    My voice at that point didn’t fuckin’ matter to anybody. I didn’t care. You know what’s different today? I’m older, that means I’m more responsible. That means paying attention to what’s happening to my country. But in reality, art is gonna thrive regardless. Whether it’s affected by who’s in office or not, art thrives. I live in that—I live in those walls, I live in those wires, I live in those pencils and papers, and that sound. I’m not caught up in politics. I saw Gerald Ford and his vice president Nelson Rockefeller. I saw Jimmy Carter.

    I saw Ronald Reagan, and I saw George Bush, Sr. I saw Bill Clinton, George Bush, Jr., and Barack Obama. I’m good. I got my own things to say and I been saying how I feel on the mic. Sometimes people ask me “Why you didn’t say this?” or “Why you didn’t talk about that?” You got a million people out here with a million different views and I heard it all. I talked about it all. I thought about most of the shit somebody could think of. I move through action. My music is action. What I’m giving you through my music is my actions. I might have a song I want to deliver and then do things around that song that represents that song. And that can represent people and change and help with the education of young people. I like those ideas. I like ideas about helping kids in the inner city want to learn. Helping them want to be more. I’m all about being what you can be, because you never know.

    That position, the presidency, seems so far away. But Barack Obama changed the game so that now, whether you’re a woman or Latino or whoever, you can feel that running for office can be a real goal. Winning the election could be real for someone in this country, if that’s what you want. As a kid, at one point I thought I wanted to go to film school. It was gonna be films or music. Steven Spielberg, George Lucas—those were big names for me coming up.

    I’m doing all the things I ever dreamed of, even though there was a Ronald Reagan, even though there was laws that ruthlessly destroyed the black community, put tons of us in prison on trumped-up charges, and put us in jail for a long time over crimes that other people get a smack on the hand for. It’s basically slavery. It’s like the top of Sacha Jenkins’ documentary, Burn, Motherfucker Burn! where this guy says “I see blacks as a superior pet.” You know what I’m talking about?

    I read Eastern philosophy as a teen, so I see balance in everything, I have a cooler head because of it. If I could do that then, now we can save many more, ya dig? Especially in this day and age with all the resources we have, all the information of the Information Age, And that’s whether Trump’s in office or not. So, I don’t got time for lippin’. I got time for actions. Anytime I’m speaking it’s action.
  • Admin
    June 1, 2017

    A family doctor who tried to woo a patient with flowers and cheesy chat-up lines after bragging about being a 'good-looking guy' has been banned from practising in the UK for one year.

    Dr Chris Uzoh, 40, spent six weeks pestering the woman to try and get a date and told her that he had 'huge earning potential'.

    He also claimed to be 'the best in his medical school' as well as having written 'several well cited scientific publications'.

    Dr Uzoh, who is a GP from Great Sankey, near Warrington, Cheshire, also sent her 20 text messages after getting her address and phone number from medical records.

    Within 30 minutes of the appointment finishing, he texted her saying: 'Sorry for this text message but I saw you and liked you and thought we could go on a date on the future.

    'I am single and looking for a serious relationship and not intending to mess about.'

    He also left the patient a voice mail saying he wanted to 'hear her voice before he went to work'.

    Dr Uzoh later sent her another text saying: 'I've been feeling like a schoolboy meeting a girl he fancied for the first time. I haven't felt this way in a while.'

    Later the woman received a card and flowers at her home along with a further message from Uzoh adding: 'I wonder how else I would have met you if not this way.

    'My heart is pure, I care, I hope it would be possible to make you mine some day.'

    The unnamed patient, who lived alone urged, Uzoh to stop pestering her but he pressed on with his chat-up lines saying: 'I was trying to be romantic - I did not mean to be creepy. I was excited about you.'

    Another text said: 'How is it possible that a good looking guy who is a doctor, who has a job with huge earning potential, who was the best graduating doctor in his medical school, who started out as a urological surgeon with several well-cited scientific publications, who thinks you beautiful and special, who wants you - and you wouldn't give him a chance? I've been in a Toronto and I couldn't stop thinking about you.'

    The patient eventually complained to Uzoh's colleagues at the Murdishaw Health Centre in Runcorn and he was reported to the General Medical Council.

    The father of two has since quit the UK and is now working in Toronto, Canada.

    At the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service in Manchester, Uzoh was suspended from practise in Britain for 12 months after he was found guilty of misconduct.

    The incidents began between March and May last year when the woman was booked in for an appointment with Uzoh after complaining of abdominal pain.

    The woman - known as Patient A - told the hearing: 'I was really shocked to get that initial message from him because I trusted him as a doctor.

    'If I got that message now there is no way I would respond. I was in a difficult position particularly at that point so seeing him taking an interest was a nice thing.

    'The next morning I woke up and there was a further text message and voicemail message.

    'I remember I was doing my make up and getting ready for work and I saw that he was calling but I didn't want to pick up. He left a message saying: 'Hi, I just wanted to hear your voice before I start my day'.

    'Everyday I looked at my phone there was something from him whether it be a text message, missed call or a voicemail message.

    'As soon as I knew the flowers had been sent I knew that they would be from Dr Uzoh - there weren't many people who knew my address at the time.

    'I felt sick because I live on my own and nobody knew my address apart from my family and I was scared because he had got my records so what was to say he wouldn't turn up at my door.

    'That feeling lasted several months. It wasn't long after that I text him to tell him not to contact me but then five months later he contacted me again.

    Christopher Hamlet, the lawyer for the GMC, said: 'She had not given him her number or any indication that she wished to be contacted by him.

    'He obtained her number by looking at her medical records and sent a series of text messages, some consecutive in number and all sent in pursuit of a personal relationship which was sexually motivated.

    'Patient A was at the time vulnerable. She claims at first she was flattered by these messages, however, in due course he went on to bombard her with messages, voicemails and even sent flowers to her home address.

    'She said she felt sick about what happened and was concerned and scared that he had accessed her records and sent flowers to her home.'

    One message sent by Patient A to Uzoh said: 'As flattered as I was at the time it all got too much too quickly.

    'I feel you went too far with getting my address without my permission and it scared me a little and the thought of someone getting it so easily when I have put my trust in doctors is unnerving.

    'Thank you for the flowers but I would appreciate it if you didn't do that again.'

    Another to him said: 'You're being too full on - I've only met you once and I was your patient!'
    Uzoh was not at the tribunal but he filed a written submission claiming his intentions towards the woman were 'noble.'

    He added: 'My intention was not to prey on the patient or the patient's vulnerability. I have always been professional toward my patients and never had any issues with NHS England or the GMC.

    'I regret my actions and I apologise for all the stress this may have caused the patient.'

    Panel chairman Mrs Jayne Wheat said: 'It is important that patients have trust in their doctors and in the confidential nature of their medical records, and it is seriously improper for a doctor to seek to pursue a relationship of this kind with a patient, the more so when he persists in it beyond the point when the patient has made clear that his approaches are unwelcome.

    'While the tribunal has found that Dr Uzoh's behaviour was sexually motivated, there was no evidence that his intentions were obscene or unlawful.'
  • Admin
    May 27, 2017

    In his first ever interview, Tunji 'Teebillz' Balogun opened up about his personal struggles while trying to raise awareness on the dangers of depression and how to overcome it because of the rapid rate of suicide happening in Nigeria now.

    Talking exclusively to Linda Ikeji TV, Teebillz revealed how depression affected his life, what led to his suicide attempt in 2016 and how people can overcome depression and get better.

    In your opinion, how can you realize that you're going through depression? What are the stages or the place you get to that you know you are depressed?

    For me, the awareness comes from your state of mind and I can actually only speak about my own experience. You start loosing interest in a lot of things; your normal daily activities and things you do. Sometimes it's difficult for you to sleep, concentrate and it has different stages, depending on how deep it gets. The honest truth is that there's a lot of people out there that I know are depressed and a lot if people don't know that they are depressed. That's the sad part. You just see people, I mean from behavioural patterns, you can tell if someone is depressed. And some times depressed people can cover up to be the happiest people around. They only let you know what they want you to know. You see someone laughing all day but deep inside that person is dying.

    From my experience, it got to a point I didn't want to be around people. I just wanted to be alone. I was so messed up in the head that I wasn't myself. So not being myself, I didn't want to be around no one and would be by myself a lot of times or I'm just trying to use things to get away in my own head. Alcohol can be one of those things that people run to, which was my best friend at one point in life. It was the only 'person' I trusted to get me going. It's a difficult thing I must admit.

    A lot of people out there are going through this thing, but once you are aware that something is wrong with you, you can tell and feel it that you are not yourself.

    The Tunji of then was somebody that lost his mind. Sometimes when I reflect back to activities or things that happened back then, It's hard for me to believe that that was me. The people that actually really know me knew then that something was wrong with this guy, but they could not figure it out. They were not informed or educated about mental health. They could not place it. I was able to pretend to do normal stuffs and pretend that everything is ok with me around normal people. Me not being able t keep it real with myself that something was wrong was the reason why I didn't want to be with people. So I can just be locked up in my own world.

    On his daily routine
    My daily routine was the same but I was just not, it got to a point that I just didn't feel like doing anything. I was conducting business and all that but my interest wasn't there. Nothing was interesting to me at a particular point.

    At what point did he start having suicidal thoughts?
    I think before 3-4 months before my incident. Everyone around me that are the closet people to me, they knew it. I even had a conversation with them that "Hey, I don't know what's wrong with me. I just feel like killing myself." The people close to me didn't know what to do, they were not informed or educated about it. For me, I can understand their mindset now. Yeah prayers will do it's part but it's not based on prayers only. You have to go get the medical treatment that you need and prayer can be the one to support it. Everyone that knows me know that I love myself. I don't think anyone loves their self like I do, my confidence level was on 150%. I was fearless.

    On what took him from 150% to rock bottom?
    It's just the toxic environment. Do you know living in this environment is very toxic? This Naija, this Lagos that we stay in. A lot of times of times, If you are not disciplined, you would end up being a product of your environment. The company you keep can also be influential. Like that's why right now I'm just me. I do have friends but I'm my own best friend right now. Like sometimes you just have to let some things go. You get to a point of your life and ask 'what value does this relationship add or does it align with my own values? I found my own purpose and defined my values Everything I do, if it's business, relationship, anything, I have to check with my own values. If it doesn't align, it's not meant for me. I just want to be me, live and enjoy my life.

    Is it safe to say that you hadn't fully discovered yourself then?

    Yeah, it was one of those things. It was a lack of fulfillment and I pushed myself too hard. Which is one of the things wrong with us, we don't get to appreciate ourselves. How do you really love yourself? It starts from appreciating yourself, it gets to a point where you have to filter yourself. A lot of times we always want to desire for more, not actually reflecting back that at where you came from. 'I was that guy that couldn't eat 3 square meals while growing up, that walked from school home.' Just appreciate where you are and it gives you that vibe to keep going. A lot of times, we forget that and the hunger for more starts messing with you mentally. You get yourself into a mental zone where things that are normal is abnormal to you. These things happen in a lot of ways. It can trigger from just relationships, business or anything.

    What triggered your depression?

    Mine was more of business then myself. Relationships, family. It was a bunch of things at that point as I allowed my mindset get into a dark place. I have a better understanding of life now. The problems are still there but I have a better understanding now.

    On the characteristics/traits he had to drop on his self discovery journey
    I literally wrote down my values and worked with it. I'm still going through it, I'm not 100% yet. No one will tell you yeah, I went through this depression and I'm okay now. It takes time but I am in a better place than I was and it was actually the help of my life coach that was able to get me to where I am today.

    On the point of realizing he needed help?
    Two years before my incident. I went to this same person, Mr Lanre Olusola. When I started feeling, it wasn't there yet. I just knew that something is wrong with me and I needed to see someone. I actually went to him, had a couple of sessions and had to travel to the states, where I actually went to see someone over there. The only difference is that Mr Olusola is someone that lives here, understands my culture. I got back and those feelings started coming and I didn't feel it coming. It's just lack of fulfillment. Life would throw different challenges to us and it's now left to us how we handle these things which are normal. As long as we are living, it's different battles that we are going to face. This thing is not a money thing. There are a lot of people that are rich that are depressed and you wonder why, that with all the money they have. A lot of people are poor but living better and happier. For me, I'm blessed with beautiful children, and all that.

    I know how much I lost and that's what business does to you. I've failed a couple of times but I am not going to stop going. That failure has taught me a lesson, both in relationships and business.

    On failed in relationships?
    At the end of the day, you have to be honest with yourself. Are you the best person out there or a perfect person? Life is you live and you learn.

    How has your relationship with God affected and restructured your marriage?
    At the end of the day, you have to put everything in God's hands and not live like you created yourself, You do what's right and God sees your heart first. God sees my own heart and I can only speak for ,myself. My heart is God and with God. I put Him first now. Before It was me doing things in my own power. As a Man, it's your responsibility to lead your family to God. That's your responsibility, to lead your family in God's way, I'm not a perfect being. We are bound to sin, bound to make mistakes and it's just your heart as it's your motives that God sees, not your act from my own understanding.

    Watch the video below...

  • Admin
    May 24, 2017
    A man has died while trying to defend his 21-year-old girlfriend from being gang-raped by 6 men in Durban, South Africa.

    The heroic boyfriend, whose identify has not yet been disclosed, died at the scene and his girlfriend was taken to an undisclosed local hospital with severe injuries.

    The incident unfolded when the woman and her boyfriend were walking near the Umgeni River Bird Park on last Friday evening. It is a popular walking and cycle trail. Her boyfriend did his best to defend his girlfriend from being attacked, but was assaulted and killed by the gang who had earlier got out of a Quantum minibus taxi.

    R24 spokesperson Werner Vermaak said the boyfriend was certified dead at the scene by paramedics.

    “The paramedics found the man with fatal injuries. There was nothing that they could do for him and he was declared dead. The woman was treated and taken to the hospital,” Vermaak said.

    Police were yesterday hot on the heels of the suspects and appealed to the public for any information they might have on the whereabouts of the minibus taxi to assist them in bringing the suspects to book.

    Police spokesperson Captain Nqobile Gwala said the police were still investigating and were hoping to make arrests soon.

    “The investigations are continuing. We are appealing to anyone who might have information about the suspects to contact the local police station,” she said.

    Transport, Community Safety and Liaison MEC Mxolisi Kaunda condemned the incident and urged police to work around the clock to bring the suspects to book before they continued their criminal activities elsewhere.

    "It was unfortunate that the incident happened after other incidents of abuse against women and children in the country, he said.

    He was concerned by the allegations that the suspects were travelling in a minibus taxi, a commonly used mode of public transport.

    “Following these allegations, we will be engaging with the leaders of the South African National Taxi Council in the province to discuss crimes that involve minibuses, and hopefully, find a solution so that such crimes do not escalate like in other provinces," he said.

    Kaunda urged the public to work with the police by reporting crime so that the perpetrators were caught.

    Source: TimeLive/IOL
  • Admin
    May 23, 2017

    On the 18th of May, 2017, the Ag. President signed Three Executive Orders.

    The Executive Orders will significantly change some of the ways government business and operations are conducted in the country forthwith.
    The Executive Orders broadly address

    • Transparency and efficiency in the business environment which will ease doing business in the Nigeria.
    • Support for Local Content in public procurement by the Federal Government.
    • Timely submission of annual budgetary estimates by all statutory and non-statutory agencies, including companies owned by the Federal Government.

    Some highlights of the Executive Orders;

    1. Every Ministry, Department or Agency of the Federal Government must publish the full lists of requirements/conditions for obtaining products/services. This commences with immediate effect.

    2. If there is any conflict between a published list of requirements and conditions and an unpublished list, the published list shall prevail.

    3. Where a Government Agency fails to communicate approval/rejection of an application within stipulated time, application shall be deemed approved and granted

    4. Where applications are rejected within stipulated timeline, the rejection must be issued with reasons.

    5. Tourist and Business Entry Visas to Nigeria must now be issued or rejected with reason by Embassies within 48 hours of receipt of valid application.

    6. The Apapa Port shall resume 24-hour operations within 30 days of the issuance of the Order

    The executive orders also stipulate sanctions and punitive measures meant to address violations where necessary.
  • Admin
    May 23, 2017

    If you’ve been investing in houses you’re probably listening to advice you’ve come across and believe to be true. But is it? Just because something is considered “common wisdom” that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s entirely true. It may be only partly true or it might be true only in certain circumstances. There are many property investment concepts that have been commonly maintained as being true…but are, in
    reality, myths. Following are five common myths that stop people from investing in property:

    Some parts of Lagos and Abuja are highly desired and yes, the price of land is leading to increases in property value. Remember, however, that not all land is the same. You won't need to look too hard to find thousands or hundereds of hectares of land in other parts of the country that won’t grow in value.
    Why? Because nobody wants to live there! Desirability plays a huge part of real estate growth. In fact, without it, you won’t see an increase in your property’s value. This is why your property research should be targeted towards those areas where people want to live.

    Typically, a beginning investor or someone with a negatively geared property will need cash flow the most, therefore they might opt out of an investment opportunity if their savings aren't enough, instead of sourcing for funds from other options or loan to secure it.
    Then, once they’ve owned the investment property for a time, they have the option of switching towards paying down the principal to increase their equity in the property. Bottom line, interest only loans are a tool to be used in connection with a well-planned property investing strategy.
    With the growth of property values all across Lagos and other parts of Nigeria, this myth does appear to be true, but in reality, many individuals with incomes below #100,000 naira are investing in houses. An online survey done by naijapropertiesonline .com found that of the 253 households who responded, 37 percent have an income under #200,000 naira monthly. Data also showed that 29 percent of those respondents had incomes between #100,000 and #150,000 and 34 percent making more than #1,500000 per year.

    Certain real estate cycles might make this myth seem to be true, however it’s not. One quick look at the history of market values will show you, without question, that property values don’t always rise… sometimes they remain stagnant and at other times they even fall. To mitigate any negative market changes, be sure that you’re always investing in houses or units in a suburb with strong fundamentals (e.g social amenities and access roads)

    Buying near the Central Business Districts is a great strategy, however it’s not the only place to invest. While areas close to the CBD do have a tendency to do well in terms of capital growth, that doesn’t mean they’re the only areas with such potential. Savvy investors, depending upon their particular situation and goals, look for property situated in areas where market drivers are strong, even if that takes them outside of the CBD.

    So how can you avoid getting caught up in property investing myths? Education, of course, but not just any education. Find successful property investors who are further down the property investing road than you are and learn from their mistakes. Meet up with like-minded people to keep yourself grounded in the truths about investing in property and for a bit of encouragement when the going gets a bit rough or you just need some good advice.

  • Admin
    May 23, 2017

    A number of people have been killed after a 'serious incident' at Manchester Arena. Witnesses reported hearing several 'explosions' moments after a concert by Ariana Grande finished. The 'loud bangs' sparked mass panic, with concert-goers screaming as they ran for the exits. There has been a huge response from the emergency services and Greater Manchester Police confirmed there are 'a number of fatalities' as a result of the incident. The cause of the explosion is said to be nail bomb.

    A suspected bomb went off at 10.35pm on Monday. People reported a huge bang as they left at the end of the performance by US singer Ariana Grande. Friends and family unable to get in touch with their loved ones in the chaos were posting their portraits on social media in a search for information. British Transport police said that the explosion happened in the foyer near the ticket office.

    The arena said that the explosion happened just outside the venue “in a public space”. It added: “Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims.” It would be the worst terrorist attack in the UK since the London attacks in 2005, which killed 52.

    Train services from Manchester Victoria station, situated below the concert arena, were severely disrupted, with no trains able to leave or arrive.

    Britain’s threat level from terrorism is at severe, which means an attack is likely. In 1995, a massive IRA bomb exploded in Manchester city centre. Because a warning was given, only one person was injured but several streets were devastated.

    An eye witness, named Emma, told BBC Radio Manchester that the explosion shattered glass in the foyer. She, her husband and two teenage daughters managed to escape: “There were bodies everywhere. I really don’t know how we survived it.”

    The Greater Manchester Police are treating the explosion that rocked Manchester Arena in the city in the north-west of England as a terrorist incident until proved otherwise, however, eye witness from inside the arena claimed the attack was carried out by a suicide bomber.

  • Kanyi
    May 22, 2017
  • Kanyi
    May 22, 2017
    X-) X-) :D :D ! Arsenal o!
  • Admin
    May 22, 2017

    Facebook user, Mary Irabo Peipeiraye, took to her page to call out a Port Harcourt based Lebanese man, Ahamd Nasr, who called her a slave and monkey just because she turned him down. Posting screenshots of their Whatsapp messages, Mary wrote;

    "This white stunk devil ( Ahmad Nasr) called me a Slave and a Monkey but he has the guts to feed from my country.If I don't gain anything from this country atleast I deserve some RESPECT as a woman."

  • Admin
    May 22, 2017

    This is indeed an eye opener. Nigeria is really changing to the worst as fast as possible I must say and many people haven't noticed it, or maybe they have have but are too occupied to say something.

    Using the Mile 3 market in Port Harcourt, Rivers State as her main source, this Nigerian woman shared very enlightening tweets on how the price of foodstuffs increased drastically starting from 2015 – 2017.


    Prices have really gone up. My people GEJ vs PMB, which is better?
  • Admin
    May 22, 2017

    Actor turned Politician, Desmond Elliott shared a picture of him and his wife of 13 years, Victoria. One of those couples that flood social media with their marital affairs.


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