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    A member of a gang that attacked and killed the President of Lagos Street Traders Association in Benin City, Edo State, Comrade David Ohenhen, has been mistakenly shot dead by his colleague.

    The deceased’s identity is yet to be ascertained, as his colleague dumped his body on the road.

    The late Ohenhen was attacked at his home, 2, Ehi Street, off Eboniyeke Street, in Egor Local Government, Edo State.

    His wife, Evelyn, said the robber was shot by his colleague during a struggle with her husband.

    She said the gunmen entered their home when she opened the door after hearing a knock. She said she opened the door because she thought it was their neighbour.

    Evelyn said one of the hoodlums pointed a gun at her husband and ordered her to leave the room.

    “As I begged him to leave my husband alone, he (my husband) pounced on him. They dragged themselves to the door. My husband was about to throw him off the stairs, but the hoodlum’s colleague rushed out from one of the rooms where our children were and fired a shot.

    “The bullet hit my husband and killed the robber.”

    The woman said the attack occurred after her husband returned from court to respond to a case of alleged financial misappropriation brought against him by executive members of the association.

    Edo State police spokesman Moses Nkombe confirmed the incident.
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